Milling, Machining, and Combatting Drum Clutter

The shapes and composition of containers are never more important than the times you are trying to store empties out of the way. An unyielding material like steel is impossible for most human beings to crush and set aside. Instead, you are faced with having to give more and more valuable space away to store this steel until it can be sent to a recycler. There is an easy solution to this problem.

The Bane of the 55-Gallon Drum

Any industry that has few options in having large steel storage containers, or drums, struggles with having enough available space to store empties until pickup for recycling can be done. Many end up storing them outdoors in fenced areas, but over time it begins to take on a cluttered look and feel. There is a better option available that will save space and make this steel easier to stack and manage.

Transporting Chemicals Used in Equipment Cooling

Milling and machining operations utilize equipment that can get hot quickly. It has to have chemicals coating the cutting and grinding surfaces to avoid overheating, which can lead to a complete work stoppage. These chemicals are typically delivered in large 55-gallon steel drums. The amount of chemicals used on a weekly basis can be staggering if the milling and machining operation is busy. This means that there can be a large number of drums accumulate in a hurry.

Drum Crushers and Balers

There are baler units available that can be adjusted to fit the exact size steel drum your business handles on a regular basis. These units will crush the drum completely flat. You can then easily remove them and stack the recyclable steel in a centralized location that is easy to access for recycling. The entire process takes only a few minutes and results in less clutter. Any employee can be taught the safe operation of the baler, or you can designate the individuals of your choice.

Free Up More Storage Space

Virtually eliminate the need for large spaces for storing empty steel drums. You can stack as many as 20 crushed steel drums in the same area that one fully intact drum would sit. This gives you more room to store full drums of necessary chemicals, or additional materials needed to conduct your business.

Contact industrial waste equipment experts like Miltek balers and get the solution to your empty steel drum storage today!