Muay Thai Training Course In Thailand Explained

So, you have heard about Muay Thai training and how beneficial it is, but you want to learn something more about it? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article we will talk about what Muay Thai is and why Thailand is the ideal destination to practice this discipline.

The story of Muay Thai started many centuries ago in Thailand. Thai people back then were under constant attacks from neighboring nations and tribes and they had to develop a system of combat techniques that can help them survive these attacks and defeat enemies. That’s how Muay Thai emerged. This martial art doesn’t require any weapon which means that any individual who wanted used it for fighting. Over some period of time, when these attacks stopped or lowered their intensity, Muay Thai became a popular sport. The king of Thailand organized annual tournaments and Muay Thai slowly became part of Thai culture.

Today, Muay Thai is a famous fitness activity and Thailand is a famous holiday destination. People travel to Thailand in order to experience many new things. They love the sandy beaches there and they enjoy nature in general. In addition, people are fascinated by the delicious cuisine which is by the way very low caloric, ancient temples, shopping centers and many other things found there. It looks like Thailand is trying to increase its touristic offer each year and they are quite successful.

Now let’s get back to Muay Thai. In order to train Muay Thai, you must first find a good training camp. A camp like this is not hard to find because Muay Thai is extremely popular and gyms like this can be found on every corner. Of course, don’t join the first camp you will find. Do some basic research with the help of the Internet and use a camp that has good reviews and provides good conditions.

When it comes to the training classes, we must highlight some things. First of all, every Muay Thai class lasts for about 60-90 minutes. Most Muay Thai training camps have special programs for people who want to train for a specific period of time usually 7 days or 14 days which is the typical amount of time spent on vacations. The programs at are designed to suit their needs and goals. So, there are loss weight programs, muscle strengthening programs, programs dedicated to self-defense etc. It is important to say that regardless of the program you select, you will experience all these benefits, but the program just emphasizes certain aspects of this type of training.

Muay Thai is a total body workout. Every part of the body is activated during the process of training. For instance, if you look a Muay Thai fight you will notice that the fighters use their legs and arms to fight the opponent. So, both the upper and the lower part of the body are triggered. The workout itself is very intense and practitioners use different exercises. So, it is no surprise why the results are visible after a short period of time. We should also mention that the mind benefits from this training too. The practitioners will become more self-confident, disciplined and relaxed. In the end, Muay Thai is an excellent self-defense discipline good for both men and women.