Plagiarism Detector: Why is it Worth Using It?

According to plagiarism statistics, 80% of students in the colleges have succumbed to plagiarism issues. One of the best ways to find or detect duplicate content is by use of plagiarism detector because plagiarizing is illegal. It is a perfect method to review your article, paper or content for any red flags that may reveal matched content.

And nowadays people are more serious than ever about this issue of plagiarism especially those that take academic or research work with the required attention. For instance, if you visit you can get your work checked. Here are five reasons why you should make use of plagiarism detectors.

Highlights the Content

One of the significant reasons as to why you should use a plagiarism detector is that it highlights the content that is plagiarized. In short, the software shows you the sentences or the words or even phrases that are copied or matched with the original content on the web.

Reveals percentages of resemblance

Plagiarism checker will show you the similarity of your content to that of the original author on the internet in the form of a percentage. However, a number of universities and maybe colleges will give an allowance for plagiarism in their research papers. It is called a standard percentage rate. And a student should remain at that rate or below it.

Helps check your paraphrasing capabilities

This is among the top reasons for making use of plagiarism detectors. By using anti-plagiarism software, you get to know that the highlighted content has not been appropriately paraphrased.

Offer more resources

There are massive databases on the web that the plagiarism detectors can access to verify your content is not matching any of the materials in the trillions of pages available. This factor makes it possible for the plagiarism detector to detect any related words or sentences in those articles in the vast database.

It proves you have not copied another person’s work

A plagiarism checker will show you that your work is free from plagiarism if it is original. If it reveals that, it is proof that you have not copied any other work from other writers or sites on the web. And to provide proof to your instructor, you can save a soft copy or even print out a copy of the report of the plagiarism detector.

This is crucial because in some cases your university or instructor can ask you to present your anti-plagiarism report. In such cases, you should make sure you have one ready even if it is a soft copy that you can print any time.

Bottom Line

These are the reasons why using a plagiarism detector is worth it. You have learned that you get to be sure that the work is not duplicate content; it highlights the copied content for you from a vast database found on the web, reveals the percentage of resemblance and helps you comprehend your paraphrasing capabilities.  They are effective and essential to any researcher, student, writer and even any person who offer freelancing services, especially on writings.