Pros and Cons Of Comparing Car Insurance Policy Online

Car Insurance

Gone are the days when you had to catch hold of an Insurance agent to buy an Insurance policy for your car or your bike.With the younger lot turning to online platforms for things as widely-ranged as clothes and movie tickets, it is not surprising that services like Insurance have also become accessible online.So why go at the doorstep of the Insurance agent when you can buy the policy in one click? Get set, click and there you go – the policy document is in your mailbox in no time. [This is assuming the fact that your previous car insurance policy had not lapsed yet, and that, even if your car was inspected by your insurance company, it was labelled ‘fit’ for insurance.]

Jump out of the hassles of running behind the Insurance Agent!

At times, Insurance agents may not give fair, unbiased opinions and quotes to you for comparing car Insurance policy due to their own monetary benefits. Customers, in turn, are also hesitant to ask policy features and other benefits. This could be either because of the lack of time, or because the insurance agent is not the most approachable person to answer the queries. Also when an occasion for making a claim arises, one needs to intimate, register and follow up with the insurance company on their own.

However, these hassles could be avoided, with comparing and buying car insurance online. Even things like claim settlement procedure is simplified by the guidance of online insurance portals, especially when you get facilities to file for your claims online.

Key benefits of Buying Car Insurance Policy Online

People who prefer to do things on the click of the mouse find it easier to purchase insurance for their cars online because of the following benefits:

Pros and Cons Of Comparing Car Insurance Policy Online

1) Insurance companies offer lower rate on online purchase as this involves less paperwork and thus saving a lot of operational costs.

2) Gives you a wider range of products

3) You can have an E-copy saved always in your mailbox

4) You can view your policies and history of claims on your account

5) Can compare car insurance online of various Insurance companies

6) Paperless transactions

7) Reminders for renewal on time

Understand the difference when you Compare – Types of Insurance Plans

Pros and Cons Of Comparing Car Insurance Policy Online

1) Third Party Car Insurance

Third party car insurance, as the term itself suggests, is the coverage guaranteed to a third party only in the event of bodily injuries, accidental death, permanent disability and damage to any property during an accident by your car.

Since this type of policy is mandatory in India, it always comprises the base car insurance policy.

2) Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance covers protection to third party as well as damage to your own car and self.

Purchasing Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy online would be like avoiding “burning a hole in ones’s pocket” because of the losses you will be protected in any of the following scenarios:

1) Theft

2) Fire

3) Damage done to your car due to a road accident

4) Natural Calamities

5) Falling Objects

Get Set and Go!

Now is the time we should put our foot forward and take advantage of the vast online services for purchasing car insurance policies.

It may be a little difficult, particularly if you are new to the internet, however it would definitely not be impossible! It is upon ourselves to be informed consumers, and online car insurance gives us that option to go through a paperless, transparent process for buying insurance.