Reasons To Buy Linux VPS Hosting Plans

Reasons To Buy Linux VPS Hosting Plans

Linux VPS hosting plans will provide you with a virtual server so that you can run your own version of the operating system on it and adjust the server settings to suit your business interests. In VPS hosting, there is a single physical server which is compartmentalized to create many virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers is capable of functioning independent of the other. With Linux VPS hosting, you can enjoy root access to the server and configure its settings as required; you can reboot or restart the server and install scripts and other applications that you find to be beneficial for your business.

Why has Linux VPS Hosting become popular?

When you find that your business is growing, and computing resources like disk space or bandwidth which you were getting through shared hosting plans are not enough to help your site grow, you should consider switching to VPS hosting. VPS hosting is therefore found to be best suited for the small and medium sized businesses that do not have the expertise or funds to afford a dedicated server; they use VPS hosting as a stepping stone to get their feet wet before choosing dedicated servers. You can buy either Windows or Linux VPS hosting although the latter is preferred mostly because of its cost-effectiveness. Linux is an open source platform which does not have licensing charges. This explains why Linux VPS hosting plans are likely to be far cheaper compared to the Windows VPS hosting plans. Another reason to make a switch to Linux VPS hosting is because of the high degree of flexibility it offers; Linux is simple to set up and activation is much faster.

Linux VPS hosting plans have become very popular because they constitute an ideal bridge between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. These plans allow users to enjoy nearly all the advantages of a dedicated server minus the high costs. The hosting provider will partition the server to create multiple servers; each of these VPS accounts will be allocated a fair share of the resources of that server. The best part about this hosting solution is that more resources can be conveniently added when the need arises. The account owner will also have the right to configure and reboot the server is needed and to use his preferred operating system. The VPS account holder will also have access to a user-friendly control panel which allows for easy creation of shared hosting accounts, creation and sale of reseller accounts.

What are the benefits of choosing Linux VPS hosting?

  • In VPS hosting, you can enjoy a definite number of resources that have been allocated to your account. Unlike reseller or shared hosting, the account you enjoy under Linux VPS hosting will never be affected because of the co-users on the same server.

  • This type of VPS hosting will also guarantee better performance because resources have been allocated to an account and this is definitely more than what you could expect to get through reseller or shared hosting plans.

  • Linux VPS hosting also provides root access and this ensures better control over data, advanced security features etc.

  • It is possible to configure the settings of the server to satisfy your business needs; you can sale your resources up and down depending on the fluctuations in demands.

How to choose Linux VPS hosting providers:

Not all Linux VPS will be equal and therefore, it is imperative to evaluate these hosting solutions based on some important criteria.

  • To begin with, you must find out the amount of total disk space you will be entitled to when you buy these hosting plans. The amount of space you will need will also depend on what you want to use this for. For instance, to host a personal website, you will require not more than 20GB. But if you intend to start a large gaming community including a game server, voice chat server, you will obviously require additional space, almost 500GB.

  • You will also have to consider the amount of RAM that you will need; when you have many different services operating on the virtual server, you will definitely require greater RAM to ensure that these function seamlessly. For hosting an ordinary personal website, only 512MB of RAM is sufficient but you will need around 4GB of RAM when hosting a gaming community.

  • Another factor to consider when buying Linux VPS hosting plans is finding out how much bandwidth you will be entitled to; this again will depend directly on the amount of web traffic your site receives.

  • Finally, you must compare the prices of the hosting plans before you sign up with any provider. VPS plans are cheaper when you choose unmanaged VPS hosting, where the responsibility of running and maintaining the server rests with your IT staff and not the provider.

Using these criteria, you should be able to choose a quality and affordable Linux VPS hosting provider. It is recommended that you choose a host which allows you to try their services for a time period free of cost; this will allow you to understand whether they are reliable or not.