Role Of Parents In Career Counselling

Career Counselling

The parents have an all-important role to play in the life of their children. Without their protective shield, the children feel rather helpless. The career selection process along with the career exploration process is a long and hard one, fraught with obstacles of all kinds and it will be solve with psychometric career tests. It is up to the parent to play the role of friend, philosopher and guide and help them get over their initial hiccups and find a career suited to their interests, likings, and preferences. Along with teachers, friends and Career Counsellors all play important roles in shaping out a child’s career. Right from the time when the child is born to the time when he begins the journey of his career, he comes in contact with several people who influence his life in some way or the other. But the role of the parents is indeed the most important.

Role Of Parents In Career Counselling

Why Parent’s role is Considered Significant

Expertise, experience and exposure. The parents armed with these attributes in their kitty can give their child the direction. The children’s thoughts are coagulated with different conflicting thoughts. “Should I take up another course to enhance my career prospects?” My friend has chosen this stream should I choose this stream as well?” “Will I get a good job, if I choose this stream?” They lose their peace of mind thinking of these questions! This is where the parents must intervene and help them sort out their thoughts because sometimes children might be impulsive but parents cannot be impulsive, there is no dearth of experience in their lives and this would enable to them to come to the correct decision. “Stop being influenced by all and sundry.” That should be the mantra that the children ought to follow.

How Parents can be Role Model

It helps if you have a positive attitude that would help you to sail you through difficult times. The frenetic pace, the stiff competition, and the ever-changing work atmosphere might seem daunting to the insouciant child. But a positive outlook can help them tide over any kind of problems and predicaments. How can they help?

  • Don’t react negatively to their suggestions- However much you dislike their career choice, it’s best not to shove your opinion down their throats, it is more likely to obliterate whatever little communication you had with your child.
  • Encourage them as that is the best way to fuel their passions curb their inhibitions and fan their enthusiasm.
  • Treating them as grown-ups would be more fruitful as it would be a boost to their self-esteem, and their feeling of importance would get magnified considerably. They would be able to deal with things better.
  • Discover their way! Yes discovering their way is the best way. Your method is tried or tested but your child is a completely different individual with different aspirations. So respect that and encourage him to keep his individuality intact.
  • A realistic approach is the order of the day. The more knowledge he gains via experience like internships part-time jobs the more he will be good at his work and pick up some skills to hone his craft.
  • Link your child’s skills, values and interests to his preference or career choice and then come to a decision as to which career would be most suitable for him.

The Beginning

Where and how to begin is the question uppermost on anybody’s mind who is about to start his career. To instill in the child the importance of small jobs and completing them. To regard each job, however, paltry with respect. These are the things that need to be taught from a very young age. These are the life skills that would stand them in good stead in the future. So the process of choosing a career begins early and the earlier it is, the better it is for the child. It’s a full-blown process which needs to be nurtured with care. As a parent, you need to follow certain guidelines. These are-

  • Learning more about your child. You might ask incredulously “who knows my child better than me?” Who indeed? But you have to evaluate and find out which are the skills which need to be worked upon and which are the weaknesses which need more attention. Is there any scope for improvement? Listing down all these life hacks would help you to prepare for future.
  • Helping the child know his own self. Most of the times children are themselves unaware of their own skills and how could they use it to prepare themselves for their cherished career. A visit to a career counselor would do the needful! Self-analysis is very important as that is the only way to attain perfection.
  • Research and more research. Always dreamt of a particular career? Good! But what if for some reason you are unable to choose a particular career. Then? Do you have a backup plan? This is where research helps, it might so happen some jobs might become obsolete while some others might change drastically so it is best to keep a tab on the changing times and the changing job scenario.
  • Encourage your child to hone his reading, writing, and mathematical skills. As this would help them to build a strong foundation. Learn about scholarships, the latest courses to hit the education world. It is very important to keep yourself abreast of the latest happenings which are creating a buzz in the career industry.

Your child is your responsibility and that is why you should try your level best to give him all the support and career counsellor you need. The future awaits him and you should gently let him choose his own course. Make him strong so that even if he falls he would brush off the adversities pick up the pieces and start off again!