Should You Sell Your Investment Properties?

Are you wondering if you should sell your investment property? As simple as it may seem, this is a complex question. There is obviously no single correct answer to this question. You must take some pertinent factors into consideration before making the decision to sell your investment property. The following issues need to be pondered before you make the determination of whether or not to sell your investment property.

Current Market Environment

There are buyer’s markets and seller’s markets. Similarly, there are desirable areas and undesirable areas. Figuring out which of these characteristics speak to your local market and your particular property will offer you a clear indication as to whether it is a good move to sell your property.

If you feel that it will be more profitable to sell your home in the future when you predict that the area values will increase, it may benefit you to hold on a bit longer. If your property is in an area that is favorable, you may want to sell.

Negative Cash Flow

The main objective of purchasing an investment property is to have positive monthly cash flow. If you are not making a monthly profit from your property, this is a sign that you have a toxic asset on your hands. Cutting your losses will free you up from future hardship related to your investment. When selling, you need to keep in mind the cost of selling a house.

Consistent Maintenance Issues

Do you find yourself constantly tending to complaints about repairs and maintenance issues related to the upkeep of your investment property? If so, this is also an indication that your property is not performing to your expectations. Having the feeling that a property is more trouble than it is worth is a good indication that you may want to consider selling.

Other Prospects Are More Appealing

Have you identified a more attractive investment opportunity? Sometimes a great investment arises, and the sale of a current investment can help secure an even better property. Liquidating an investment property to seek a better one is a sign of growth. If selling your investment home will make way for a more profitable situation, don’t let a past investment keep you from benefitting from a future one.

Managing a Property Long-Distance

Are you forced to remotely manage your property? Maybe you have moved away from the area, or maybe you purchased the property from long-distance because you were able to acquire it for a tremendous savings. Either way, managing a property when you are not in the area may drive you to sell.


The real estate landscape is ever-shifting in all areas of the nation. You have to be in tune with your particular neck of the woods. How well is your investment performing as a rental property? Are the constant repairs and maintenance turning your investment into a money pit? Consider what is best for you as an investor, and make the necessary decision based on your future outlook.