Smart Tips For Choosing Between T1 and Cable Internet Services

Smart Tips For Choosing Between T1 and Cable Internet Services

The interne has reached the level of omnipresence. It is essential to figure out the demands of your business to choose between the different internet connection sources. There is a plethora of internet providers in the market, knowing these smart tips can help you in making your selection.

T1 Internet Services

  • The name T1 is directly linked to the working of this mode of internet connection that is terminal. T1 may employ a number of terminals to establish an internet connection between the modem and the router.
  • It works on the basis of reserved circuits that perform functioning over the cables made of fiber optic or copper cables. These T1 lines can be rented or purchased as per the budget.
  • The lines plugged into the network provides 24 dedicated channels with the ability to carry a small volume of data. The channels may provide 64kbps. You may get best results from T1 with a speed of 1.5Mbps for both uploading and downloading.
  • T1 internet services are an ideal fit for the organizations that employs thirty to fifty employees. Small offices can be benefited the most by the T1 internet services who have inter-organisational data transfer of low volume.
  • Using two T1 terminals gives the speed of 3Mbps, three terminals give the speed of 4.5Mbps and so on. Hence, the speed can be enhanced by using more number of terminals, or one can opt for the T3 terminal that gives a speed of 43 Mbps.
  • The primary advantage of T1 is the stability of the bandwidth. Also, T1 comes with SLA; that is Service Level Agreement. The SLA guarantees that you and your business can enjoy uninterrupted internet services.
  • The T1 internet provider is liable to make time to time repairs of any damage in the equipment of T1. The advantage over a residential modem that T1 has been that it can carry 60 times more data.
  • Talking more about the stability, while internet cables or wires may get disrupted due to a storm, T1 works without hindrance from such disturbances.

Cable Internet

  • While it may look lucrative to use cable internet connection, it is dependent on many factors for optimum usage.
  • The typical reason that the internet service provider companies may give you is that your place of work is an area for high-density usage. It means that if your neighbor is using an internet connection it is bound to affect the speed of your connection.
  • Unlike T1 that lets you enjoy dedicated internet channels at a specified bandwidth. The points of stability advantage have already been discussed. Taking a look at the pros of Cable internet one can find that it is a good option as well.
  • Cable internet is much cheaper than the T1 internet service. Also, the speed of cable internet is high, and one can get the connections installed very easily. It does not require infrastructural alterations and can easily fit in the existing space in a house or office building.
  • While T1 can be used in only transferring low volume data, cable internet can upload and download a huge amount of data at high speed. Increasing the speed through T1 Internet service channel can be very costly whereas the internet through the cable already gives the highest possible speed in the region.

Cable is hence more budget friendly, and one can enjoy the high-speed internet. However, T1 is more stable and ideal for a small office.