Tech Companies Which Have Adopted Killer Video Marketing Strategies

Even some of the big-shot companies with effective video marketing programs today are of the opinion that their biggest impediment to achieving success when they initially got started with their companies was the lack of a perfect strategy. How do you think such companies overcame this tough barrier? As per a survey done by a group, it was seen that 228 survey respondents successfully achieved all their vital goals with the help of the right video marketing strategies.

With the constant rise of content marketing, companies are nowadays bound to look at some great video content which would be useful in their customer’s journey. Success is defined less by quantity and more by quality and since majority of the companies are taking a big leap towards video marketing, you really need to set yourself apart by creating some extremely good personalized video marketing strategies. Check out some tech companies which nailed it hard.


GoToMeeting offers an extremely genuine service. When the users visit the website for the very first time, they see that the tech company doesn’t use videos in order to establish their brand image and tell you what they’re about. Rather it has got customer stories who speak about why people should use GoToMeeting. Videos are used for growing brand awareness as most of their videos solve some kind of problems of the users.


Zendesk is yet another tech site which leverages video to explain to the users about its products and how the products work. Instead of simply giving text content and hoping that the viewers understood everything, their YouTube channel is replete with short and effective videos on training and also includes some fun marketing videos as well.


We all are already in love with this platform for content optimization, HubSpot and we’ll love them more when we get to know that they have been utilizing video marketing since a long time now. HubSpot features videos on its YouTube channel and once you check out their site, you’ll notice that they have videos in each section of their website. Even when you unsubscribe from their mail options, they send you a video. HubSpot is good at using video to inform customers on inbound marketing.

#4: MOZ

Have you heard of Whiteboard Friday? If answered no, you need to immediately check it. This video has gone viral in YouTube and it has helped strengthen the footing of Moz in the industry of inbound marketing and SEO. Moz has built a separate YouTube channel and it has already earned some loyal followers where each video gets at least 4000 views! With such a steady number of viewers, they seem to have done a great job.

If your business or company has already invested in video marketing, then the information given above is hopefully helpful to you. And in case you’re still hesitant about video marketing and its benefits, you should feel motivated. As per the sayings of Ralph Emerson, one should always do what he is hesitant of.