The Alternative To Dual SIM Mobile Phone- The Kogan Agora

The most mode of communication are mobile communication which helps the people to communicate with other people easily. There are different types of mobiles with different models and different sizes. There are many mobile companies are growing around the world. The mobile companies offer different mobile phones for low prices every day to improve the market. They are introducing new models with lots of facilities in mobile. You cannot see the people who aren’t having any mobile. The latest trend is buying two mobile phones for one person.

They are buying two mobile phones because the mobile devices will store the contacts in a limit. The people cannot save any contact number crossing the limit. The mobile is inbuilt with certain limitation so that they cannot store so many numbers. This is the reason the people are buying two mobile phones, one for storing personal numbers and the other mobile for storing office numbers. They will use one for working place and the other for home. The advancement in technology has grown and gave dual SIM mobile phone in which the people can store numbers in one mobile with two SIM cards. The Kogan Agora is the tablet which overcomes the problem of dual SIM mobile phones.

The people can store both personal and professional numbers in one mobile device that is Agra Smartphone which costs $149 and it is made from the company called Kogan located in Australia. This is the cheapest alternative to dual SIM smart phone. The Smartphone is the cheapest with 5inch display which is the large display with pixel resolution as 480 X 800 pixels. It has dual core cortex A9 processor. The internal storage of the smart phone is 4GB with a rear facing camera with % mega pixel and front facing camera with 0.3 mega pixels. The Kogan Agora smart phone has the appearance similar to Samsung Galaxy note. The Kogan Agora is the cheapest dual SIM Smartphone which helps to store lots of contact numbers with the Android operating system. The Android operating system is the best mobile operating system which runs efficiently on mobile and has numerous mobile applications. The Kogan Agora is priced for $149 for the people of the United States and Australia.

The people will find more benefits on this Smartphone with dual SIM. They can show their mobile phone to everyone gently. They do not want to keep two mobile phones to store more contacts. The version of Android 4.0 is installed in The Kogan Agora smart phone. It has many facilities such as radio, Bluetooth, mobile apps download, video calling, text messaging and so on.

The Agora looks very smart to use. There are many applications in Android that supports the Kogan Agora to use and enjoy the applications for games, photo editing, music download, video editing search engine apps and so on. The lowest price smartphone is the Kogan Agora which is getting more popular among the people. The phone has 512 MB RAM and expandable micro SD cards. This Smartphone will be helpful for the people to get more benefits and the people will enjoy using this smart phone.