The Benefits Of Using An Integrated Customer Interaction Platform


In a competitive market, mobile app companies need to make sure that their product stands out from the crowd. There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps, many of which perform similar functions.

So what can a business do to help their app appeal to as many people as possible? Many companies choose an integrated customer interaction platform which allows them to engage with their customers and track the ways in which these customers are using a particular app. Companies such as Sony and Microsoft use Swrve in order to streamline this process.

Follow this simple guide to the main benefits of using an integrated customer interaction platform

Onboard Testing To See Which Content Customers Respond To Most Frequently

The Benefits Of Using An Integrated Customer Interaction Platform

Presenting the same data in two different ways and then tracking the results is known as ‘A and B testing’. Integrated platforms allow companies to easily carry out these tests and track the results. These tests work in a very simple way – for example, a company could produce two different versions of their website homepage and test which page leads to the most conversions or sales by their customers. An A and B test will usually be carried out for a period of weeks to determine why one particular test page is getting better results than the other one.

After a full A and B test is carried out, the company will then make a decision on which page should be used. If the results between the two test pages are extremely close, the company may decide to create a third home page and test it against the other two.

Successful A and B testing can be the difference between a user quickly clicking away from an app on their phone and that same user being immediately drawn in for a conversion or a sale.

Push Notifications Deliver Personal Targeted Messages To Users

Mobile users want to feel like a company is talking directly to them when they are using a particular app or website. That is why it is important for notifications to be customized and not give users the feeling that they are being spammed. An integrated customer interaction platform allows companies to target users with notifications about new products or upcoming events in a way which feels natural.

Push notifications can be tailored so that they can be sent to users when they are entering or leaving a specific location.

Integration Platforms Support Different Types Of Campaigns

Integration platforms allow companies to design and run in-app campaigns of all types. This can be useful for companies who are delivering different types of content. This could be single-message notifications, real-time interaction with customers, surveys or videos.

Results Of Campaigns Can Be Easily Tracked And Quantified

It is important for companies to be able to easily analyze the results of campaigns. Customer interaction platforms are designed with in-built analytics allowing user experience data to be easily understood.

Hopefully, this guide has made the role of an interactive customer integration platform extremely clear.