The Common Sense Approach To Office Space – Why Serviced Offices Are Trending

Changing the way we Work

Managed office complexes (serviced offices) have shown a strong trend in recent years, driven by various factors which make this new mode of business location preferable to the conventional leased office space for many businesses. Here are some of the key reasons why this trend won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Firstly, leasing a conventional office space in a typical city centre location has become so expensive now that many small to medium sized businesses simply aren’t able or willing to take on such a large and long term financial commitment.

Another key factor is the fact that business culture has undergone some serious changes in recent years. Technology has exerted a great influence over how people work these days, with mobile gadgets allowing many people to work in ways unimaginable not long ago, making the need for a central office location all but obsolete for many new start-up enterprises. Young entrepreneurs now look for more versatile and flexible business models and this will no doubt continue in the future as business trends seem to be ever more fluid.

The serviced office option provides an answer to most of these needs. A serviced office space such as those provided by allows a small business or single entrepreneur to take advantage of a professionally run working environment in a fast and flexible manner – and for less investment than conventional office space.

Smart Pricing Makes Financial Sense

Various studies have shown that serviced office space is less expensive than leasing the equivalent space in a conventional manner. One of the immediate advantages for business owners is the simple fact that one monthly payment covers everything – as normally all essential business services such as telephone, internet, printing, conference rooms, reception services, security, car parking, catering and cleaning and any other additional services selected are all included in the monthly amount billed. So there’s no need to deal with multiple service providers and make multiple payments. Clearly this not only makes accounting easier – but actually saves valuable time also.

Fast Forward to the Future

A start up enterprise may only require a small office space initially, let’s say to accommodate up to 5 people. But as the business grows, it’s possible to expand within the same serviced office complex either by the addition of further small units or by opting for one of the larger units to accommodate up to 50 people. As most rental agreements are monthly based – it makes expansion easy, without the need to relocate the business to another site completely. And, in the event of a downturn in the economy, it works equally well in reverse – allowing a business to quickly downsize if necessary and continue trading without having to abandon its established business base.

For a small business start up, a serviced office option offers less risk, maximum flexibility, minimum legal requirements and an all-in-one payment for all essential business services.