The Top 5 Health Concerns In The Modern Workplace

Employers have many reasons to care about the health and well-being of their employees. Showing care for employees is important for the reputation of a firm but probably more importantly, the impact ill, injured or absent employees can have on a company can be huge.

If an employee is absent from work because of illness or injury, or is receiving medical attention, productivity can be damaged. Add in the fact that injuries or illness in the workplace can also impact negatively on staff morale and the difficulties caused by health concerns in the workplace are very apparent.

This is why it is essential for businesses to understand the top five health concerns in the modern workplace and take steps to prevent these issues or incidents happening.

Driving Accidents

The vast majority of accidents are driving related, and while this may relate to commuters, the amount of people who drive for a living means this is an issue affecting many companies. It is important for businesses to test all employees that drive for them and to remind them of the importance of health and safety on the road. Employees should be encouraged to take regular breaks and strictly adhere to all road traffic regulations.

Slips and Falls

With people coming in and out all day polished shiny floors can be a bad idea when it comes to maintaining a safe floor condition. It is vital that any spillages, leaks or wet areas are cleaned as quickly as possible. Worn carpets and cables can also present a trip hazard in the workplace.

Employees should be encouraged to look out for any potential slip, trip or fall hazards and report them to a supervisor.

Eyestrain from Working with Computer Screens

With computers and digital display screens being a major component of the modern workplace, many employees find themselves staring at screens all day. A combination of tiredness and staring at these screens can cause people to feel ill or not at their best. It is important that businesses remind employees to take regular breaks from looking at their screen.

If these problems persist, it may be that an individual needs greater support with their vision. It is best to seek professional medical advice, and alternatives tospectacles and contact lenses a solution may come with Lasik surgery in Des Moines. If an employee’s sight has been damaged through staring at computer screens or digital displays, or is just declining because of natural degeneration, laser eye surgery might be the sort of medical procedure required.

Workplace Violence

If an employee is feeling stressed or colleagues have a disagreement, there is a risk of violence in the workplace. Management and supervisors need to monitor staff regularly and ensure that any disagreements or issues are resolved quickly.


Stress can cause serious problems in the workplace. An employee that is struggling with their workload or who is having a hard time dealing with their work-life balance may be at particular risk. Supervisors should be on the lookout for employees who are not at their best or who appear to be struggling at work.

Knowing the most common health concerns in the workplace will allow businesses to prevent them from occurring.