Thinking About Taking Your Product National? Here’s the Guy to Ask.

Almost every brand enters the market with the hopes of expanding into stores across the country, but the reality is not every brand will see this dream come true. A lot of factors can determine how successful a product will be, one of them being who is helping you along the way. For many brands that have managed to take their products nationally, this is Joel Goldstein, President of Mr. Checkout Distributors.

Mr. Checkout Distributors is a network of independent distributors, full-line grocery distributors and wagon-jobbers that currently supply inventory to over 35,000 stores across the country. Goldstein and his team have helped launch a number of brands that are now household names, including Keurig, 5-Hour Energy, Playboy, and Maybelline, among others. However, not as well known he works often as a manufacturers rep negotiating placement of products into major retailers such as Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods and CVS.

What’s the secret to Joel Goldstein’s success? “Our distributors work independently, so they often rely on Mr. Checkout to work as their go-between learning from other distributors what is selling and what’s not.” Goldstein says. “Our distributors know their markets and retail customers best, so they are able to tailor their strategies to meet each store’s needs.”

Another way Goldstein differentiates himself from competitors is through Mr. Checkout reviews, which are meetings where the executive and distributor teams come together to review new products and analyze whether they are ready for the market. These reviews allow Goldstein to only send the products he believes in into the market, which is one of the reasons why he has found such success launching products nationally.

“The review process is not just about determining whether a product is a good fit for the current market,” Goldstein says. “Our team also looks at the supplier to see whether they will work well with a network of independent distributors, and if they are ready to meet consumer demand.”

Once a product is approved through the review, it enters the hands of motivated distributors who are eager to bring unique products to their connections at independent retailers around the nation. “We have found independent distributors to be more accepting of new products,” Goldstein continues. “In fact, big-box retailers often look to these independent stores to see what’s trending, so once you’re in the door with the independent stores, other doors may start to open for you.”

Joel Goldstein and the distributors at Mr. Checkout Distributors may make it seem easy, but taking your product national is not an easy feat. To get your product in front of Joel Goldstein, visit the Mr. Checkout Distributors website and complete the product submission form.