Top CFA Study Materials For College Grads

Graduating college is the culmination of many years of school. However, if you are determined to take the CFA exam, you will need to do more studying. The good news is that there are plenty of online study guides and courses available that will help you achieve your goal. Here a few tips on finding the best CFA study guide:

Availability Is Key: When looking for the best CFA study guide, you need to sure that it is available on your schedule. If you like a specific book, purchase a copy or check one out from your library. If an online course is more to your preference, make sure that you can access that course any time of the day or night to study. An online course with a reputation for crashing and errors, for instance, should be avoided. If you do choose an online course, you also want to make sure that the ‘instructor’ or website moderator, is available to answer questions in a prompt manner.

Practice. Practice: When looking for the best CFA study guide, you should opt for one that offers a variety of practice materials. These practice materials should be in the form of multiple choice questions, but also short answer. You should also have the ability to take several full length practice tests- which you should take under simulated testing conditions

To Each Their Own: Not all people need the same types of study materials, so not all study materials will work will for the same people. Your goal should be to find the best CFA study guide for your own interests and learning style. Keep this in mind when reading reviews and when approaching potential study aid courses or study guides. To find your best fit, you may need to experiment with several options.

The Financial Analyst Exam can be daunting, but if you find the a good CFA study materials, such from and put in the study time, it is certainly passable.