Top Tips for Using Social Media to Boost your Business

Social media is one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools a business can use to market its goods or services.

Most people’s first port of call when they are looking for information about a company is the internet, so it makes sense to have a solid digital media strategy.

Read on for our top five tips for successfully promoting your business on social media.

Choose your platforms wisely

There are numerous different social media platforms to choose from, but not all of them may be appropriate for your business.

Experiment with different ones to fins which ones work best and make sure to ask your customers which ones they prefer.

Publish various types of content and once you know what works keep doing it consistently to reap the rewards.

Establish a content calendar

Creating a content calendar based on the marketing and organisational goals of your business.

For instance, a gambling business could use this to plan a marketing strategy for ComeOn casino with a voucher code offers or similar promotions.

Add in staff and customer focused content to create a sense of community around your business. Once you have the framework planned, use social media management tools to schedule the content.

Social media management tools are your friend

Using tools such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck can save a business massive amounts of time and resources.

These allow you to schedule posts and include content calendar functions to plan a social media marketing strategy that is both timely and relevant to your audience.

You can still capture real-time moments that happen in your business to give your followers the ideal mix of content to keep them engaged.

Use your staff and customers

Companies can effectively utilise social media without spending large amounts of money or using an external agency.

Your staff and customers are an excellent resource for content –use them to bring your social media to life.

Success stories and customer feedback will help you retain existing customers and attract new business.

Track the competition

Keeping an eye on your competitors’ activities on social media not only keeps you up to speed with what they’re doing, but could also provide extra insight into your industry’s advancements.

With that kind of knowledge you can compare your rivals’ business actions to yours and use it to improve your marketing strategies to stay ahead of the game.