Understanding The Importance Of Facility Managers For Startups

Startups almost every time begin with one or a few people the most on the team. Almost universally, their goal is to grow and develop as fast as possible. An overnight success is a dream come true. However, reactions must be fast and appropriate not to turn it into a nightmare. Success usually means expanding the team and moving to a bigger office. This is where facility managers enter the scene. Let us understand their role, importance and the difference they make for prospecting startups.

Why are they needed?

Successful transition to the new business headquarters is of utmost importance for the future of any company. Even if it were a mere relocation it would be a stressful operation without a doubt. Choosing a proper location and preparing it for your teams arrival is an important initial step that sets the foundation for a successful transfer. Furthermore, getting used to the new environment and team takes time and the importance of the proper environment is a known fact. All the efforts that help make the transition and adaptationsmoother are increasingly valuable. This is the job of a facility manager. This can be a shared responsibility for the team members, but only to a certain point. Once it becomes an activity that requires a full time attention it is strongly advisable that it is treated as such due to its importance for the overall functioning of the company.

The Scope of Work

Knowing the scope of work a proficient facility manager needs to cover is the best way to comprehend the need for one. According to International Facility Management Association there are eleven core competencies of facility management. These are: communication, emergency preparedness and business continuity, environmental stewardship and sustainability, finance and business, human factors, leadership and strategy, operations and maintenance,project management, quality, real estate and property management, and technology. What this enormous list of responsibility means is that facility manager’s work is cross functionally oriented, covering all aspect of your work and needs, from HR suggestions to hiring adequate commercial plumbing services This does not mean they need to do all that is listed. C-level of your company will assess the primary requirements and focus facility manager’s attention on the most problematic areas. However, make sure that everything is discussedopenly and that you define mutual goals. That is absolutely necessary for the final success.

When to Hire One?

Although the third stage of the five stages in startup cycle is the recommended timing for hiring a dedicated facility manager, it is advisable to hire him or her at some point earlier. The reason for having them already onboard is to allow enough time for them to familiarize with the scope of work your company is doing, the manner of business conduct and on premises conditions. Being familiar with the organization provides the best foundation for making decisions that will provide more successful business prospects and anticipation of potential obstacles and arrangements that need to be made to cross them. Finally, by being aware of the fact that the roles of facility managers are evolving and that the scope of work they dopractically covers the entire work organization of a companyyou will be more certain of the best timing to hire one.

Hopefully this short overview of the responsibilities one facility managers needs to take care of within a company, as well as the credentials one needs to have in order to be successful will shed the light on the need to hire one for your prospecting startup, as well as make it easier for you to choose the proper candidate. Your timing and their skills are equally needed for the final success.