Warehouse Management Tips

Warehouse Management Tips

When it comes to customer satisfaction, and well managed and well-maintained warehouse simply cannot be overlooked. When the warehouse runs smoothly, orders leave the warehouse well packaged, and undamaged and are dispatched in a timely fashion – all of that goes a long way toward a happy customer! To that end then, here are some of the key tips to ensuring that your warehouse is well managed.

My Kingdom for a Pallet!

When it comes to managing stock in a warehouse, the pallet is king. This simple, unassuming item makes it easy for stock to be both stored and transported. At the same time however, they can also be a bit of pain, storage wise. Pallets in use are great – unused pallets however simply sit around, gathering dust and taking up space. Managing your pallet inventory then is one of the keys to a well-managed warehouse. You don’t want to run out of them at any time, but you also don’t want to be taking up precious space storing more than you need!

If you can find a quick, reliable but above all cheap pallet delivery service this could be a huge boon (see here: http://www.ilslimited.co.uk/send-freight/). Knowing that additional pallets are just a quick phone call and small fee away means there is less pressure to store too many at one time – and you are just as unlikely to run out completely.

Reach for the Sky

If space is becoming an issue, it could be tempting to extend your warehouse. However, instead of increasing the ground space the warehouse takes up, consider if you are making the most of the vertical space. The addition of extra tall shelving and storage units, plus the appropriate equipment to safely access all that space, can be a way to increase your square footage of storage space without the fees and delays of extending the footprint of your warehouse building.

Always be Assessing

If you want a well-managed warehouse then there is frankly no time rest on your laurels. Even if everything is running smoothly now, will that still be the case in 6 months’ time? Heck – how about in 6 weeks or even 6 days? A warehouse with optimal operation is a warehouse that embraces change – and is always ready for it. Know where you have spare capacity if additional items come in, and know which items are likely to be long term storage and which are here today and gone tomorrow – arrange your space to suit this.

Get Enlightened

This may well seem like an obvious piece of advice, but it is well worth stating because it is often ignored – ensure that your warehouse is always kept well lit, and blown bulbs or light bars are replaced immediately. Not only will this foster a safer working environment – and accidents are not something you want to see a lot of in a well-managed warehouse – it will also help the warehouse staff to perform their jobs that bit easier.

Cross-checking paperwork and written orders is a big part of the smooth running of a warehouse, so make it as easy as possible for your staff by providing a well-lit working area.