Ways To Improve Your Games Room

After decades of runaway bro culture, the gentleman is back.

Modern gentlemen’s barbers are springing up everywhere, offering classic trims, cut-throat shaves, and beer on tap – all while sparing fashion-conscious men from the dreaded salon.Classic cocktails such as the Tom Collins and the Old Fashioned have made a comeback in bars, offering gentlemen an option other than beer.The style of men’s suits, shirts, and shoes have also changed dramatically since the mid-2000s; many of the classic cuts of suit are now back in fashion, with brogues and tie clips also making a notable comeback of late.

Isn’t it time that the humble man cave caught up? It seems that while many men now have a wide choice of gentlemanly suits and cocktails, what should be the manliest room in the house can often look more like a teenage boy’s dream. If you’re a modern man who wants a classy alternative to air hockey tables, pinball machines, and neon beer signs, here’s your guide to creating a more refined rumpus room. Gentleman, let the games begin…

Globe bar

Nothing says “distinguished gent” like a globe bar in the corner of a games room. Like so many iconic scenes from movies, the act of pulling a fine scotch from a globe is a sure sign that matters are about to get serious.

Why not add a globe bar to your games room? A small one will suffice – all it needs to hold is a couple of dimpled glasses, a decanter, and a couple of well-chosen Speysides.


Poker will never go out of style; it’s a timeless classic that will always be great for a night with the guys. However, there’s a whole host of other card games that provide just as many thrills.

Baccarat is a casino favorite that’s easy to learn. It has the distinction of being simple to play, exciting, and high class (it was invented by French aristocracy in the 15th century). There are plenty of sets available that will fit on your existing poker table, making it a great way to mix up your next games night.

A Chesterfield

Forget the La-Z-Boy. If it’s a gentleman’s seat you want, it’s impossible to look past the Chesterfield.

Durable and ornate without being showy, the Chesterfield truly is the king of couches. While classic brown leather is the obvious choice of finish, a charcoal leather Chesterfield adds a modern twist – and as a neutral color, it will fit neatly into any style of décor. Add to that the Chesterfield’s unparalleled level of comfort, and it’s the ideal choice of seating for a scotch on the rocks between baccarat games.

Chess board

Ready to secure all-time bragging rights with the guys? Roll out the chess board. They may take some convincing on this one – until you remind them that it takes real intelligence, skill, and cunning to win a chess tournament. Suddenly, poker may seem small-time – especially if you add a gentleman’s wager to make things interesting.

Of course, you’ll need a chess board befitting of a true gent. Opt for a stone playing board and carved wooden pieces for a board that looks balanced and classy without being outrageously expensive.

English billiards table

Pool is so 80s. Why not mix things up a little by bringing an English billiards table into your games room?

Ironically, English billiards was actually known as “the common game” once upon a time. The game has been out of fashion for so long, however, that its historic roots in deepest England are lending it a new-found credibility.

Plantation shutters

Windows may not be the first thing that springs to mind when furnishing your gentleman’s games room. However, a set of plantation shutters will add a touch of class, especially when you add a couple of choice cigars, some CubaLibres, and good company (think James Bond on reconnaissance in Havana).

The DIY versions of plantation shutters also require little time, effort, or expertise to install – and they’ll look every bit as good as their more expensive counterparts.

Record player

Vinyl has staged a dramatic comeback after the CD nearly killed it off in the 90s. That’s because, for all the convenience and cost-efficiency of online streaming platforms, people still want to own great music.

It’s well worth considering adding a turntable and a few choice records to your gentleman’s hideaway. After all, can you imagine the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, or Howard Hughes listening to iTunes?

We hope these tips have been useful and you are inspired to improve your games room – good luck!