What Is The Popularity For Careers In Finance For Recent Graduates?

What Is The Popularity For Careers In Finance For Recent Graduates?

There is expected to be tremendous popularity in financial careers in upcoming years. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 11 percent more demand for financial analysts from 2016 to 2026. If you’re a recent finance graduate, you may be wondering about popular careers you can get in on early. Here is a glance at what recent graduates have been up to.


Accounting is a fine financial career for new and experienced employees alike, as any financial staffing agency will tell you. It is a versatile job easy to tailor to a worker’s level of experience. For example, an entry-level accountant might be tasked with work on a specific team, while an accountant with a few years’ more experience might lead special projects or even a team. Then there are titles such as Technical Accountant and Senior Accountant. Simply put, accounting is a career you can easily grow in, and as long as you get continuing education, the sky is the limit.

Financial counseling 

Financial counseling is a job that allows graduates to deploy a nice mix of hard skills and soft skills and to get a lot of client-facing work in. For example, a student financial aid counselor may help students find scholarships, grants and loans, and explore other avenues to finance their education. A financial counselor for a hospital might help patients calculate the costs for various procedures and figure out ways to pay for them. This person could also set up or supervise a charity care program.

Credit analyst 

Banks and various other lenders are on the lookout for credit analysts of all experience levels. These professionals help ensure that the lending process for mortgages, cars and other assets is as watertight as possible.

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