4 Effective Interview Questions For Hotel Staff Recruitment

4 Effective Interview Questions For Hotel Staff Recruitment

Interviewing for a hotel role is a difficult task – both for the interviewee and the interviewer. The interviewee must make an excellent impression but the interviewer must also ascertain they are getting the best person for the job. Since there are bound to be many candidates for a job in the hotel industry, and most of these candidates will share many skills and types of experience, it can be very difficult to differentiate between an average candidate and the perfect person for the job.

The main way to ensure you get the right hotel staff is to ask the right questions in interview. The interview is the most crucial aspect of hotel recruitment that you need to get right. Take a look at these interview questions and see if you can apply them to your next recruitment task.

  1. What Did You Learn From Previous Experience?

You can easily find out where a person worked before applying for your hotel role but it is not so easy to discover how well they performed. By asking them what they learned you can tell what aspects of the job they found most important, and discover what they feel to be their strengths.

  1. How Would You Handle a Guest Complaint?

The person you are hiring will need to be adept at interacting with the public so should be able to give an example of how to handle a guest issue or complaint. It helps if you ask them to remember an example of a time when a guest had a problem and to describe how they handled it.

  1. Why Do You Want to Work With Us? What Are Your Goals?

Find out about the expectations your candidates have about your job. You want to know that they will be happy in their role as this will bring about a better experience for your guests and for other members of staff. You also want a person who is ambitious and sets high standards for themselves so you can help them progress in your hotel.

  1. What Can You Offer That Another Candidate Cannot?

Find out what they think about their own strengths and weaknesses and whether these align with what you are looking for. You will also be able to tell a lot about the character of the person interviewing for the role in terms of how confident they are in their abilities, how much they stand up for themselves, and how well they express themselves.

Hotel staff make a huge difference to the overall success of the establishment since customer service is such a big part of the experience. It helps to spend a little time thinking about the most effective interview questions so you can make sure your staff are the best for your own specific needs.