5 Things You Should Know Before Starting A New Initiative For The Church

5 Things You Should Know Before Starting A New Initiative For The Church

Planning and execution is not simple and easy to do. It requires efforts and only those who have the power and will to serve the church and the ministry can do this hard task.

There are many churches, in which the pastors hold meeting and meeting and initiate services in the leadership group – referred to as the church board. There are some thing that you should know when you are thinking of a new activity for the church’s leadership group.

  1. Think of an Idea: Program idea will decide the further course of action. Make a list of ideas if you don’t know it already, like adding another building to the church or hold some seminars where different ministries can participate. Consider shortlisting ideas and ask others for their suggestions and if they can think of something else than what you planning.
  1. Do some research: Any activity that you plan will need participants or otherwise it will be a failed attempt. Discuss the plan and activities among your acquaintances for some informal research. This help in finding  out how many people are in agreement to your planning.
  1. Do not Discuss the idea to many People: It is a good idea to plan and discuss as you get a fair idea of the feasibility of the plan. But be cautious about the number of people you are discussing the idea with. It is advisable that you do not include not more than one member from the church board. If you discuss the idea with more than one member, this can be taken as holding a meeting without the pastor. This issue can seriously abandon your plannings and idea.
  1. Take your Idea to the pastor: If you can convince the pastor with your idea and he likes the research that you have done, then you can go forward to meeting the board members of the church. You can ask the pastor for calling a business meeting or a board meeting. Be careful about the business rules of the church, and also find out the eligibility that who can vote on business.
  1.  Maintaining the business committee report: This is an another essential element for preparing for the meetings. Finance reports can assist in explaining it to the board members about the project that you want to initiate. You can ask and make the members pledge a significant amount that they will donate to the cause; whether monthly basis or if they want to give a lump sum to pay for the bonds.

It is of utmost importance that you have a  presentation that is an approved one or one that is recommended by the church bond company. Make sure that the church bond company can deal with the work of issuing church bonds.

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