How To Choose The Right Equipment For Your Salon

How To Choose The Right Equipment For Your Salon

Starting a Salon may be a very tricky task, but if you wish to invest in opening a salon in your locality, it is important that you purchase the best quality equipment and furniture for your salon. This not only builds a good reputation for your business but makes the business run smoothly by increasing the customer satisfaction.

Know the difference between the conventional and modern equipment for the salon

The equipment for the salon falls in one of the two category: Modern or Conventional. What type of equipment should be used depends on the type of your salon. They include:

Conventional Salon Equipment:

If you start a salon and want to provide the traditional services in hair-care, you will need traditional equipment for your salon. They are:

  • Hair Dryers: Hair stylists make use of the hair dryers to give a blow dry to set your hair. The best feature of a good quality hair dryer is that it has a temperature control option, so you can dry the hair by releasing warm air by regulating the temperature, which helps in retaining the moisture content of your hair and causing minimum damage to the hair.
  • Hair steamers: Most of the clients want a good spa and hair conditioning treatments to revert the damage caused to their hair. You will have to invest in good quality hair steamers to provide the moisturizing treatments to the hair during spa and moisture retaining treatments.
  • Hair clippers: Any hair treatment or a haircut demands the hair to be places and cut equally. To provide good service, you may need hair clips to keep the hair intact while you give the cut. There are a lot of clips available in the market. Depending upon your need the type of service you are offering, you can purchase it if you intend to.
  • Combs: The most important and primary equipment of any salon is the comb. If you offer the hair care services, you will have to buy hair combs. It is recommended that you invest in all the varieties of hair brushes and combs with different tooth size so that it can be used with both the original and synthetic hair without any trouble.
  • Sink: The first step before doing a haircut is rinsing and washing the hair. This helps in smoothening of the hair before the cut. To offer this service, you may need a shampoo bowl or a sink. There are many stores in the market that sell sinks and bowls with a foot pedal so that you can adjust the height of the sink depending on the height of the clients.

Modern Equipment for Salon:

The modern salon not only provides the services for the hair care but also gives the skin and nail care services. You may need to buy some specialized equipment for the salon and they are:

  • Nail Salon: These salon provide pedicure and manicure services. The manicure and pedicure kits comprises of nail filer, clipper and a tool that is used to remove the cuticle. A manicure table is the most essential of all, as it helps the manicurists to file and clean nails properly.
  • Spas: These offer salon services that relaxes, soothes and comforts the mind as well as the soul. To open a spa salon, you need to have hydrotherapy tubs, spa steamers, and saunas.