3 Digital Marketing Tools That Can Boost The Progress Of Startups

3 Digital Marketing Tools That Can Boost The Progress Of Startups

Any business today requires the fuel of internet to run efficiently and reach global audiences. Especially for the startups, that are low on funds, internet can serve as their only but sufficient workforce. There are a huge variety of digital marketing tools that are available and waiting to be acknowledged. While choosing these tools you need to keep in mind that these tools should be able to assist you in reaching bigger markets, keep the customers hooked and provide with specific data of the performance of your business.

Internet marketing tools have a wide array of features, that cover many products and services. Many of these tools have common objectives so it is hard to determine which one to choose. Here we are suggesting three tools that can help in expanding your business in a quick and effective manner:

1. Stripe

Startups are generally low on capital. For a startup to become a leading company, it needs cash flow and for cash flow they need to have an effective payment process. If they fail to establish an efficient payment process, they will turn into a failed startup very soon. Stripe is a payment processing platform, by which you can receive payments in different forms and secure the payment details as well. By providing a payment form that is simple and easy to understand it removes the worries of accumulating the details of the consumer in your own form. Another amazing feature of stripe is that the forms can be integrated to the social media sites and provide the facility to start the payment from the first click. Stripe not just merely a credit processor, it can accept coupons, lets you create free trial periods for your customer and gives the total control of managing the subscriptions.

2. Stream Science

This digital marketing tool can be a boost to your customer retaining ability. This tool is made to provide information of relevant topics to make to the audiences that you want to target. It can be used as an important source of new and required information and provide it to through social media networks and emails. In the end it will assist you in converting web content into measurable feedback. This feedback can be analyzed to keep a track of the performance and the predict the future growth.

3. Snip.ly

This tool lets you place strategically targeted ads along with the story that you are sharing, or when you are busy in  adding payment options to the business page and sharing some important information. Using these ads, you gain higher conversion rate as the ads have a direct link back to your own site. The tool also  provides you with the analytical data about the time users are spending on your page and optimization for your ads, on the web. It can also be used in improving the experience of the customer on every click made by them.

Digital marketing as you would know is progressing by leaps and bounds. With the marketing changing its behaviour everyday, it is important that businesses keep themselves at their toes adapt to these changes as quickly as possible. There are many tools available on the internet to maximize your business potential, so it is advisable to have a diversified toolbar.