6 Easy Ways To Impress Your Online Customers

The Internet is full of competition for virtually any business. To attract customers, you need to offer something that is unique. As in real-life, first impressions can be vital to the success of your online company. This means you want to deliver something that will separate your business from the others. The following are methods that have potential to provide that “wow” factor.

1. Speed, Speed and More Speed

Never underestimate the value of a fast website. According to statistics, it takes three seconds for the average customer to give up on a site that isn’t loading quick enough. Optimization for both desktops and mobile devices is virtually a requirement if you want to be successful in the future. This includes everything from image sizes to webhosting capabilities.

2. Active Social Media Accounts

Studies show consumers are more likely to trust a business with daily activity on social media over one that posts one or two messages per week. This means you need to keep those updates flowing while engaging potential customers on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Since approximately 90 percent of adults between the ages of 18 and 35 have a social account of some kind, connecting with those individuals could have a direct impact on sales.

3. Display of Knowledge

A lot of businesses use a blog today in order to demonstrate expertise as well as drive traffic. Offering free information regarding your products, services or industry has potential to pique the interest of guests. It also helps boost the online reputation of the business.

4. Customer Service

Customer service is just as important online as it is in the real world. Things like live chat, superior shipping practices and follow-up emails can go a long way to help someone feel welcome and important. As a result, those customers may have no problem coming back to your business for more purchases.

5. Incorporate Rating Systems

Studies show that customers are more likely to trust a brand that incorporates a rating system. This gives everyone a voice and has potential to affect sales of any given product. In fact, customers are also more likely to purchase goods that have been reviewed by other shoppers. Most eCommerce platforms come with this ability built in. However, there are other systems that can be easily incorporated into virtually any website.

6. The Domain Name

A lot of businesses succeed online simply from the domain name alone. You don’t want something that is incredibly long, and it should be easy to remember and type. Your business domain name registration has potential to play a role in whether or not customers return to the site. Because of this, you want something that can stand out while being true to your practices.

Sometimes even the smallest of additions can have the greatest impact on success. By taking the time to understand your target consumers, you can create an online business that is memorable and profitable. Go beyond a simple site and impress those who are looking to spend some money. Keep in mind that almost half of online shoppers will form an opinion of your company just by looking at the website alone. Make sure that opinion is a good one.