A day in the life of an independent property inventory clerk

What is involved in the role?

Before deciding to take the plunge and become an independent property inventory clerk, it is worth exploring what tasks are involved in this often complex role. Aside from writing impartial and detailed reports, other characteristics which make a successful clerk include, having good customer service skills, knowledge of safety and being tactful in difficult situations.

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The main focus of the role is to take meter readings and prepare a detailed analysis of the condition of walls, floors and fixtures, and fittings as well as furniture items. The clerk should also check on smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and ensure they are working correctly.

A day in the life of an independent property inventory clerk is busy because, throughout the day, the phone will ring constantly with clients wanting to book appointments or requiring answers to questions. Multitasking is an essential skill and it comes with the job.

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Meter readings are an essential part of an inventory check. They assist prospective tenants and landlords of empty homes to deal with any discrepancies which may be raised by the utility suppliers.

Data and reports at the click of a button

An inventory clerk will be accustomed to using property inventory software which allows him or her to manage reports via the desktop or on an app. Property Investment Software is a system which enables clerks to view data and produce reports at the simple click of a button.

Disputes can be commonplace and according to Property Reporter, inventory clerks are happy to go the extra mile and talk to the parties involved if it can help reduce and even remove a disagreement.

Photographs are useful in a situation like this, but they may not always highlight the issues that inventory clerks are raising, as minor damage may not always be obvious. If a clerk is to take photographs, they must be of a high resolution and size.

An inventory clerk must be resilient because disputes can run on and there will be pressure to find a solution or neutral ground. An emergency inventory will also crop up from time to time, so everything must go on hold until it is dealt with, then there will be the completion of the report which is also time-consuming.