Your guide to van hire

Before hiring a car or van, it’s best to plan well in advance. First, estimate the size of the van you will require as you may end up hiring a vehicle that is much too large for your needs. Alternatively, you could end up with a vehicle that is too small, which will result in many unnecessary trips.

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Choose the right size

If you are not accustomed to driving vans, it’s essential to be aware of the dimensions of the vehicle. You may also find that parking a van is more difficult than a car. You will also have to allow space in busy streets and in enterprise centers for loading and unloading.

When looking at various van hire costs, you should familiarise yourself with what is included in the quotation. Insurance can vary, and you should never assume that a cheap quote will be adequate. It’s a good idea to opt for unlimited mileage and to check any documentation before signing. Ask about any extras, and only agree to pay for those you need.

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When picking up the van, take identification such as a driving license. You will also need a credit card for the excess deposit. If you require a van for commercial or personal purposes, man and van Slough offers a range of suitable vehicles. Find all the services you need at

Extra security checks to come into effect

According to the Financial Times, vehicle hire firms will face extra security checks in a clampdown on terror. The article states that British car and van hire companies will be asked to carry out extra checks on customers. Companies in Britain will now have to share details with police forces and security services.

It’s essential to double-check the vehicle’s interior and bodywork for any signs of damage; any scrapes should be documented. Check that the mileage is correct on the sheet and make sure the fuel level is adequate. Ensure you know who to phone if the van breaks down or if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident.

When you’ve finished with the van, ensure it is returned in the same condition and top it up with fuel. Check your credit card to make sure you have not been charged any hidden extras following the rental.