A Look At The Benefits Of An Office Fruit Basket For Your Staff

Snacking on fruit in the office can be extremely beneficial, both to the company and the individual employee. Recent research undertaken by Fruitful Office has found that employees who had been provided with fruit during working hours had really noticed a difference. Not only were they more productive and able to concentrate more but some also found that their eating habits changed dramatically too – some were eating far more fruit than they ever had done before whereas others had started to cut out the unhealthier snacks in favour of the fruit that they had available.

Fruit itself has many benefits – specific fruits have certain benefits with blueberries as one example of a brain food that boosts concentration levels – so it is little wonder companies are starting to see the benefits of providing fruit baskets in the office. These are becoming far more common and it is clear to see why from the results – it really does benefit everyone involved.

Happier healthier employees lead to a much happier and productive workplace. A thriving workplace can easily lead to more work being done thus more business turnover which pleases the company management and investors – and all it costs to them is a fruit basket or two for the office. Definitely a worthwhile investment when the results speak for themselves, don’t you think?