Essential Tools For Online Learning

If you are enrolling in an online degree and are wondering what are the best apps, software, and tools to make distance learning easier, you can choose from a large number of programs. Many of these tools may be new to you, while others are websites you use every day. Whether you are a teacher or a student, you can benefit from being up-to-date on the newest apps and software as well as those that are tried and true and have been around for a while.

Adobe Connect

Adobe is a leading name in business and educational software, so it isn’t surprising that it should have a program that makes life easier for teachers and students. Adobe Connect is used effectively at universities that offer online degree programs as well as businesses that want to cut down on expenses and time required to train staff. The software makes giving lectures and making presentations seamless and smooth while it provides the capability to deliver pop quizzes and exams. Students can take notes easily and participate in the lecture.

GooglePlus Hangouts

You may have gmail and have had a glance at the features provided by Google Plus Hangouts, but haven’t thought of using them for your online degree. Educators like to use the Google Hangouts video conferencing feature for lectures and meetings with students. The main advantage is that it is integrated with email many students already use as well as convenient chat features to discuss class material or to simply hang out.


If you attend the University of Maryland and are wondering want to supplement your coursework with a class offered on the other side of the country, you can audit a wide variety of classes thanks to Coursera. Browse through the catalog of offerings and you may find a class on a topic that dovetails with something you are writing a paper on. Coursera is a great way to add to your learning in your spare time and also provides an introduction to coursework if you are thinking of applying for a specific program at a certain school.


When you are searching for state-of-the-art software or apps that will make online learning easier, it is sometimes easy to overlook the obvious. Skype is reliable for business and education and is one of the simplest ways to have a conversation face-to-face when you are far away. You can talk about the fact that UAB offers an online MBA program or chat about what you learned in Biology class that day or even engage in some school gossip. One of the easiest things about Skype is that almost everyone has it and knows how to use it, so there is no learning curve involved in connecting.

Good Old Google

You may have part of your university library available online, but Google is still the first place many people go when they want to find something out. Another great online library is YouTube which doesn’t have only entertainment and cat videos but also contains valuable historical documentaries and instruction videos on how to do lab experiments. Your instructor may also upload videos so you and your classmates can see a demonstration of something or catch a lecture you missed.