Adhesion: Getting Back To Basics

Adhesion involves attaching one surface area to another which may well be of a different material. Adhesion requires surface contact, and the better the contact, the better the adhesive will perform. To maximise and enhance adhesive contact, a surface must be dry, clean and uncontaminated. When the surfaces meet, a firm pressure must be applied in order to increase the contact of the adhesive and flow. Temperature and time will increase the adhesion values.

Adhesion is used in many industries as well as in everyday home improvements, and finding the right adhesive can be time-consuming and confusing. However, nowadays we are able to search via the internet for the best products for our needs, making the process quicker and easier. Professional advice can be offered in specialist shops, thus making your decision more informed and effective in finding the right product.

The British Adhesives and Sealants Association (BASA) is the trade association for the UK and Ireland adhesive and sealant industry, offering information about adhesives in manufacturing and the development of these products. From application techniques to different types of applicators, there is much to discover and learn in the field of sealants and adhesion.

Mixed-Material Adhesives

There are many products which will bond numerous materials together in just seconds. Whether it be rubber, wood, glass, metal, polystyrene or even the latest plastics, modern adhesives will bond almost any combination of substrate, such as metal to plastic, cardboard to metal and even rubber to rubber.

Development in multi-purpose adhesions has been rapid and steep in recent years, and companies such as provide us with these simple solutions.

Metal Bonding Adhesives

Used in industries such as electronics, optical, aerospace, medical, automotive and oil/chemical processing, metal bonding adhesives include epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones, cyanoacrylates, UV cures and polyurethanes. A metal bonding adhesive must be high-performance with long-term durability offering convenient cure schedules. From titanium to steel and aluminium to cast iron, a strong and effective adhesive will meet the challenging needs of bonding metals together. Whether you are working in production and design or maintenance, repair and field service, using a high-performing adhesive is paramount.

Finding a unique adhesive that works on virtually any material without requiring additional fixings is quick and simple these days, providing us with effective adhesion solutions.