Seizing Control Of Typography With Type.js

Seizing Control Of Typography With Type.js

When it comes to good web design a working knowledge of HTML and CSS is a good starting point, but there are other kinds of variable that give you greater control over how your website looks. An example of this is type.js, which essentially allows you to take complete control over the typography of your site. Good typography equals a positive user experience, which then equates to higher rates of engagement – a marketing must.

Type.js can be inserted into your site’s Cascading Style Sheet documentation; and this can then apply custom variables based on defined tags across your site. It’s a great time saver and has many benefits, and used with type.js can be extremely powerful. Many sites that have utilised SEO in Belfast have seen great results with this implementation, and here are some of the top uses of type.js which only begin to scrape the surface of how powerful it is:

Kerning Pairs

You can use a tag in your CSS that gives you control over the kerning of a specified pair of letters. For example, if you’re using a typeface throughout your website that looks great but is a little unclear with certain letter pairs (like th), you can set it up so the distance between those two letters is a little greater when they appear together.

Rag Adjust

Using this variable you can specify when lines break for a paragraph. If you have a page that uses a lot of text, this can be incredibly useful to make sure that you don’t have broken sentences that diminish the user experience. A clean user experience is vital to a good SEO campaign in order to keep bounce rates low, a problem regularly addressed at

Minimum/Maximum Font Size

If you’re using a font size that is determined by viewport (based on display size, as with a tablet or mobile, for example), this variable ensures that font size never automatically adjusts larger or smaller than a specified value. It’s another handy tool to make sure your website offers a clean user experience.

Even just using these three variables you can wield a great deal of power over how your site looks. Ultimately the goal is to provide a clean and positive user experience which will drive up your overall engagement rates.