Are you Giving GMAT for your MBA Abroad? Here are Some Tips

If you plan to get admission in a top MBA school abroad, a good score on the Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is very important. MBAs in Indian business schools are good, but an MBA from an Ivy League institution is worth its weight in gold. You need to get prepared for many months so as to give yourself the highest chance of success.

An MBA degree from abroad is easy to finance with an education loan. But, preparing for the GMAT is a big test in itself. Many say that a GMAT is much tougher than the CAT. If prepared well, the GMAT can seem like an easy one to crack. So, without further ado, here are 4 tips that will ensure that you have a sure-shot chance of excelling the GMAT.

  1. Be consistent with preparation

GMAT test prep is not a T20 cricket match. It is much like a five-day cricket test match. You need to prepare well, know the concepts, get on top of the subjects and then do well in all the segments. Hence, the test preparation is all about consistency.

Getting through the GMAT is not like studying for the end-semester exams. You need to really burn midnight oil every day and do the same for months at a stretch. You need to have impeccable logical skills and be super good at math. So, be consistent with daily sessions. A global MBA degree often tests the different skills and the ability to balance many things at one go.

So, the GMAT helps the examiners select the best talent. It may seem hard at first, but when you actually succeed, you will realize your true potential. Those with high GMAT scores fetching them admission in top MBA schools are loved by lenders and are offered the best personal loan interest rates for their education. To check EMI and repayment amounts, use the personal loan EMI calculator for your education-related needs.

  1. Keep a diary

You may be comfortable with screens. You may even avoid writing on paper in an age of email, whatsapp and Snapchat. But you will definitely need to start keeping a diary to keep a track of your progress.

Studying for GMAT is like preparing for a marathon where the winner is ensured of a great life. So, you need to know all your lap times and see the improvement.  Only the geniuses have a great understanding about all the various areas in a GMAT exam. It is quite likely that you will be good in some, bad in some and average in the rest. The trick is to improve in all the segments. This is where a diary works like a coach.

A diary will also help you to write down every unknown prep question or the ones you gave an answer with much difficulty. As you try to understand the correct answer and concept behind them, your list of weaknesses will become short and shorter. A diary is also a good place to write about how you can plan your educational loan once you get through GMAT. If you are not comfortable with writing down, you can use the personal loan EMI calculator for understanding your full repayment details. Top lenders like Tata Capital can arrange a quick education loan for you.

  1. Try to go beyond the target GMAT score

A great GMAT score is essential for you to get admission in a superb MBA school abroad. A higher score helps. But you never always need a 700+ score your MBA application. A 500 or 600 can also fetch you what you want. But, it is still wise to overshoot during preparation tests. The more regularly you cross your benchmark, the safer it is to do it in the real exam. Try to get 50 more than your target GMAT score. This has a great advantage. Many a time, test takers score 30-40 points lower than they were expecting. In such a real exam, you will still sail through and get your desired score since you set the bar so high. Unlike an education loan where you can take as much as your eligibility, a GMAT test score does not move up or down based on your wishes. Hence, it is always better to play safe and aim for the stars! If you get more than you wanted, you can apply to even better MBA schools. If you get less, your base is still covered.

  1. Build concentration

Experts who deal with GMAT test education often compare the exam with an Olympic decathlon. Yes, GMAT is an endurance test. It will try to squeeze every bit of juice out of you in the three and a half hours. If you answer difficult questions well, the test becomes progressively tougher. Initially, test preps and mock tests are usually done at home. But building and staying focused can be a tough job at your home. Not everybody around may not have the seriousness about what it is to crack a GMAT with a high score.

Friends, relatives and neighbors may not know that even after excelling at GMAT, you may require a personal loan for MBA education. High-quality education is costly these days. That is why it is important to practice full-length tests with 100% concentration. Also, let your friends and family know how important this test is. Avoid all events that may break your concentration for 2-3 months in the run-up to the test. Keep your eyes on the prize. You can always have a big celebration with them once you hit your mark. If you get admission in a good MBA school overseas, leave the educational loan to worry part to financial institutions like Tata Capital who provide easy and affordable education loans for MBA aspirants.