Six more ways to deliver superb customer service

Customer service is essential to the modern business, especially if you are dealing with people remotely, either online or over the phone. Here are some more ways you can ensure that you treat your customers well and keep them for the long term. To run a successful business you need to avoiding co-employment risks.

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1 Exceed expectations

The companies that customers keep coming back to are the ones that manage to exceed their expectations. Whether this is by delivering sooner than expected or offering a better product for the same price, you can guarantee the customer will keep coming back if you can give them a pleasant surprise.

2 Don’t hard sell

Customer service is partly about selling the product, of course, but it is important for the customer to feel that they have been guided to the right solution that meets their needs rather than simply sold a product. This helps to build trust and ensure the customer stays loyal to your business.

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3 Surprise, surprise

It is inevitable that customer service staff will sometimes be faced with the unexpected; therefore, they need to be able to deal with these situations professionally. They should know the best person to escalate an issue too and the information they need to collect from the customer to make this person’s job easier and ensure the customer doesn’t get frustrated by having to explain everything again.

4 Hang in there

Telecoms have become a lot cheaper thanks to the adoption of VoIP wholesale systems from providers such as; therefore, you can afford to spend more time on the phone to customers without running up a large bill. Sometimes the ability to stick with a problem and see it through to its resolution is the best way of providing customer satisfaction. It also helps to build a good relationship if the same representative can deal with the customer right through the process.

5 Every day’s a school day

Training doesn’t stop after the initial induction course. Customer service staff can use their experiences to improve their performance and it is always useful for staff to receive formal customer service training.

6 Documentation

It is not always possible for customers to talk to the same representative; therefore, it is vital to make sure that all interactions are properly documented so that someone else can pick up the thread if required.