Expensive Essays vs Cheap Custom Essays

How much should price matter when it comes to buying academic writing on the internet? For most students, the answer is that price matters a lot, mostly because college students don’t have a lot of money to spare, so they are exceptionally price sensitive. After all, if you don’t have money for better food than ramen noodles, you’re not likely to shell out big bucks for luxury essay writing. Instead, you’re looking for the ramen noodles of essays. The problem is that the bottom of the price pyramid is also home to a lot of scams and low-quality imitation essays that don’t get the job done.

So what is a student to do? Let’s take a look at what’s behind the essay dilemma.

At the top end of the price pyramid, you have expensive essays. These are typically written to order by a freelance writer who works on his or her own and has a unique specialization based on his or her degree. Think of these papers like heirloom tomatoes. They are carefully cultivated, left to ripen a long time in the sun, and cost a lot of money. Sure, they taste a little better than other tomatoes, but the question is whether the miniscule improvements in flavor are worth the hefty price premium.

In the middle of the price pyramids, you have midrange essays. These are typically written to order by a freelance writer who works with an agency and writes on a variety of topics related to his or her degree. Think of these papers like supermarket tomatoes. They are sturdy and get the job done, but they are mass produced to a degree and aren’t always the most flavorful. But they cost a lot less than heirloom tomatoes with only a miniscule difference in quality.

At the bottom of the price pyramid, you have bargain basement essays. These might be written by foreign writers in far-off countries, and they might also be recycled from parts of earlier essays. Think of these papers like value brand canned tomatoes. They can be OK for stirring into a recipe with other ingredients, but you can’t use them the way you would a fresh real tomato. Sure, they cost a lot less than fresh, but the reason for that is that they have been heavily processed and feature canned goods.

It’s no surprise that most student opt for the canned tomatoes, but it’s also no surprise that they are often disappointed by the stale writing they receive. Before you try to make a sandwich with canned tomatoes, ask yourself this: Are you really saving money if you can’t use the essay you paid for? Consider this: Real people have to write essays, at least until computers have mastered the art of generating high quality academic writing. Would you be willing to write your essay for the price you’re being asked to pay? If you wouldn’t consider doing it yourself, you shouldn’t expect a really talented writer to want to take the job for that same amount of pay.

Now, no one is saying that you have to spend extravagantly on expensive artisanal essays from boutique hipster writers. If you have that kind of money, terrific. But if you are a regular student on a budget, your best bet is to try to balance quality against price to make sure that you get what you need at a price you can afford. Obviously, the more you can afford to pay, the better your chance of receiving great writing, but as long as you work with a reputable custom writing service that operates at prices above rock bottom, you stand a good chance of finding a service that can deliver high-quality essays at affordable prices. Remember: You get what you pay for.

So, when it comes to customized academic essays, price should be a factor, but not the determining factor. Our advice is to try to find the highest quality service you can and then negotiate with them on price. Many have a range of options to deliver quality work at a range of price points. Talk to your selected service and see how they can work with you to help you achieve your writing goals.