The American School Of Paris

The American School of Paris is located in Saint Cloud Paris, a suburban area of France. The school is a co-educational school that is private, and the classes take place during the day. The American Embassy, as well as the American Express Company, founded the American School of Paris in 1946 after the Second World War came to an end. This school is the oldest and among the most reputed American schools in Europe. Almost sixty nations are represented by the body of the students. The main language followed in this school is English, so that all the students are able to understand the instructions given to them. The campus of the American School of Paris is spread over an area of ten acres. The school is just close to Paris

Facilities provided by the American School of Paris

The campus of the American School of Paris has a number of facilities that are available for the students within multiple buildings. Most of these buildings have gone under renovation recently. Listed below are the facilities that are available for the students.

  • Two libraries that have media resources that are comprehensive
  • Four IT labs or computer labs
  • Well-equipped physical training center
  • Two gymnasiums
  • Soccer or European football field
  • Two basketball courts
  • One baseball diamond
  • Nine science labs
  • Language labs for the upper school
  • Facilities for the visual arts
  • Two cafeterias

Education provided

The American School of Paris is divided into three sections, namely, the Lower School, the Middle School and the Upper School. The school is accredited to the AP school in Paris, and it is known to provide education to almost eight hundred students from around fifty countries. The American School of Paris is known for its academic excellence and offers education to students from 4 to 18 years of age.

  • The Lower School: The main objective of the Lower School is providing an environment to the students that are caring and helps in nurturing the students so that they can become true citizens. The teachers foster creativity, development of skills, and instillin the students an inquiring spirit so that they can not only express but also share the ideas that they have. The classes are interactive, which help in the better growth of the students.
  • The Middle School: The Middle School has around 180 students from different countries who are guided by almost 30 teachers. The school helps in meeting the needs of the adolescent students and is responsible for bridging the gap between the Lower School and the Upper School. The students are guided in the classes so that they do not find any difficulty in the Upper School. Students of this age group reflect on the identities that they have and love exploring the independence that they have received. This is why it is important to guide them properly.
  • The Upper School: The Upper School is well known for the tradition of academic excellence and personal excellence. The Upper School provides an environment similar to the college life, which helps the students in understanding the environment they will be in. Extracurricular activities are also provided to the students for their better growth.

The American School of Paris is undoubtedly one of the best international school of Paris where the students are shaped with love and care and provided an excellent environment for their wellbeing.