Home Decor and Interior Designing Trends You’ll Love In 2017

As long as the world of home decor is concerned, 2016 was the year for Scandinavian-inspired interiors to woven wall hangings. Now that we step into 2017 and we’re already half-way through it, your thoughts might have already been wavering around getting a refreshed and refurnished home. Interior designing and home decor is an industry which is constantly subject to changes as there are new trends evolving with time.

If you had recently invested in some new homewares and you don’t think you should read the concerns of this post, you’re probably wrong. With the heavy use of social media and technology, the gap which was there in adaptation of global trends has shortened now and this is why we see more and more international styles hitting the stores faster than in the last few years. Here are few trends that are in and few that are out.

  1. Matte appliances are in: The new look of the kitchen is bold enough but not in-your-face. An object which has got a matte finish seems to eliminate all other distractions like a glazy surface and also forces the form of the object to speak about itself. Matte is usually an unanticipated finish for objects which are conventionally glossy and lustrous. This element of surprise will serve as a layer in their designing.
  2. Marble is in: No, it is not just a trend in Pinterest but it is also a huge trend in itself. The trend of using marble is showing up in different areas of the industry and it is gradually bidding goodbye to the tile market which dominated the industry even few years back. Having a marble wall which is covered with fabric and carpet is one of the latest trends to consider.
  3. Cerused wood is in: The technique or procedure which brings out the uniqueness of wood is called the ‘ceruse’ finish. This is a trend which has been around for some time now and now it has been universally accepted. You will find cerused wood on cabinets, tables, storage furniture and also on chairs.
  4. Oversized furniture is out: Space has always been a premium consideration among homeowners who are thinking of renovating their homes or decorating them with the latest furniture. Oversized furniture doesn’t only overwhelm, but they have even become inefficient for space usage. So, these days, there will be more furniture which are custom-designed to fit in appropriately.
  5. Strictly antique is out: When you think of pairing antiques with few other antique pieces, this is totally out. None will be interested in designing the entire home with a definite period in mind. When you start off, it is often great to have a certain period in mind but that doesn’t mean that you have to abide by it exclusively.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is wondering about interior decoration of your home, you can follow the home decor trends mentioned above. The more you comply with the latest trends, the better you can stay trendy about your home.