How Live Streaming and Other Technology Has Evolved On Mobile Betting

The gambling industry as whole has undergone a huge transformation over recent times. Similarly, to many areas of society gambling has become far more digital. Rather than now heading down to the bookmakers shop to place a bet we simply pop our phones out of our pocket and push a few buttons, (or in many cases just tap the screen a couple of times).

There are a number of reasons why the gambling industry has developed and changed at such a rapid pace; the main reason being the improvements in the technology available to us.  The fact that our phones are now essentially miniature handheld laptops has given betting companies a whole new way of providing their services to people.

Mobile betting apps

Mobile betting apps provide the perfect platform for betting. Every major bookmaker worth their salt has a dedicated betting app tailored to their customer’s wants and needs. As well as placing bets via these apps customers can also stream sports.

It’s often quick and easy to stream sports through a dedicated mobile app; despite this there is help if you’re ever struggling. This guide on “how to stream sport” live on bet365 explains just how simple it is to make watch sports via your preferred betting platform.

The caveat when it comes to streaming love sport through a bookmaker is that you typically have to place a stake of £1 or higher on the outcome of the event in order to access this functionality. However, in some situations; such as major sporting events like the World Cup final, some bookmakers may allow for free streaming as a way of generating website traffic and platform interest. (Incidentally the World Cup final in 2014 was viewed by over 3.4 billion people, many of whom will have been watching via a betting website stream).

The importance of the smart phone

As previously mentioned the progression in mobile technology has had a huge impact on the gambling industry. Prior to the smart phone mobile gambling was of little interest to most casinos, but once the potential was noticed, a race began to see who could create the most user-friendly platform to allow their customers to bet.

Although some smart phones still don’t allow for mobile betting apps, people can still place bets on their smart phone via a web browser.

Will live streaming on betting sites continue to grow?

Through time mobile betting has evolved into an extremely lucrative tool for bookmakers and is the main reason that the online gambling is now as popular as traditional gambling. The new technologies have allowed for user-friendly apps, which in turn come with extra features; such as the option to stream live sport.

Although there are some rules and regulations regarding what betting sites can offer as a live stream, they’re largely free to show most sporting events. It’s often the case that some of the more obscure sports can only be found live via a betting platform; and it’s for this reason that live streaming on betting sites will no doubt continue to grow in the future.