How Much Do Sliding Doors Cost?

With the warm weather hitting the whole of the UK in recent weeks, many homeowners have been basking out in the sunshine, entertaining friends and having barbeques during the evening. For some people this has been a difficult process and has lead to problems opening and closing doors, whilst for others, who may already have sliding or bi-folding doors installed, the transition between inside and outside living has been very easy.

As a result lots of homeowners have been having discussions about the route from the inside to the outside of the home, via patio doors or a back door in the kitchen. Sliding doors are one of the most popular options currently, so if you are considering adding them to your property, how much money would it set you back?

By doing a little bit of research on the internet, a two pane sliding folding door could cost you anything between £1300 + Vat to £2000 depending on your size requirements. However, these prices are all governed by many other factors, so leading sliding door specialists Clearview have noted down a few more things to consider when working out your budget.

Firstly it is important to consider the parameters which will determine the cost you have to pay for your sliding doors. The type of material you use will inevitably have a bearing on the cost. If you choose UPVC as your material, although lightweight and cheaper, security could be compromised compared to picking the more robust and sturdy aluminium frames which have been developed by leading sliding door specialists.

Secondly, the actual size of the opening you are thinking of putting sliding doors into. Sliding doors can only have three tracks so this does restrict the total size they can be, but they can be incredibly high and wide panes. By rule of thumb, the larger the amount of uninterrupted glass, the more expensive it will be.

Another thing to also consider is, are you just having it manufactured, manufactured and delivered or manufactured, delivered and fitted. Depending on your choice, this will have an impact on the price you pay. Also with installation, is access to the back of your home easy via a rear entrance or side gate which is quite wide? Or will they have to pass the door over a neighbour’s fence or build up on site to install it. All these things could have a consequence on any additional costs you could incur.

Finally, personal preferences such as colour will also increase the total price of the sliding doors. Although many standards colours such as white, silver and black come as standard, if you are looking for an unusual colour such as green, pink or bright red, these will have an additional charge. Also if you want to add blinds or other features, these will in-turn raise the price.

 These are just a few things to consider when totalling up the cost of adding sliding doors to your home, but it is always worth getting a few quotes before making a decision.