It’s safe to say that smartphones are here to stay. They have simply changed the way we live our lives. From the way in which we communicate with friends and family, to the ways which we work and deal with businesses. They have helped us navigate to our destinations faster than ever, and have changed the way which we capture our surroundings through high definition photos, selfies and record videos, and now shape the way we spend our downtime through millions of online games and apps.

Though the best thing about smartphones is that they do all of the above while still being able to fit into your pocket, giving you instant access to the digital world 24/7.

Smartphones are packed with incredible power and is a technology that has evolved so rapidly that every year has sees another highly anticipated release of new flagship handset. Every brand and manufacturer on the market is attempting to outdo their competitors, but at the very heart of it these amazing gadgets are transforming many aspects of our daily lives and quite frankly the very thought of devolving or going without one, even for a few hours, can be absolutely terrifying.

The smartphone is a technological breakthrough that has helped opened the doors for new and exciting industries to hit the mainstream. One of the most successful industries that have already embraced the mobile platform is the gaming industry. A few years back the very thought of having mobile-based games out there that would be more popular and more played than most of the major platform releases would have been laughed at. Now it’s a market that reaches above and beyond anything that the console market has managed to achieve in a very long time and it is leading the way in the gaming industry in terms of player numbers.

Smartphone owners have the ability to download and install gaming apps in seconds and the vast majority of these mobile gaming experiences are free-to-play. The market has adopted this sales model which is phenomenally popular, as expected, as it requires no initial payment from the user to play. The games are usually marketed for free with revenue being driven by the purchase of special in-game enhancements and other various add-ons which vary from game to game. Even the gambling industry has managed to take advantage of this wide-reaching audience of potential players offering up the likes of online roulette, live poker games and other casino experiences.