What Is The Process For A Full DBS Service?

You need to know about the DBS checking service before you decide to hire some specialists. This type of check will focus on people who are working with children or the elderly. You will receive information about their criminal and employment history.

The check can also be carried out internationally on people who are going to be coming to the UK for work or study. Once the checks have come back all-clear, you can hire people or accept them onto a university course.

What is the full process for a DBS service?

Find A Reputable DBS Provider

You should not just choose the first DBS check provider that you come across. Instead, you need to take a measured approach and compare different providers. The highest-quality providers will take you through the entire process before you have even signed a contract. This is to make sure that you fully understand the nature of the service and are willing to proceed.

If you know other business owners, get in touch with them and ask about the firms that they have hired for a DBS check online in the past. They will give you some excellent recommendations and they will also tell you about firms that did not offer such a good service.

Draw up a shortlist and then select the final one from about five possible candidates.

Request A Check

You will be pleased to know that requesting a DBS check is simple and can be done with a phone call or an email. Once all the information about the potential employee has been given, the checking process can begin.

The Checking Process Is Carried Out

The checking service will look at the employment and criminal history of the subject. The company will contact police forces and previous employers on your behalf so that you will not waste any time on such tasks.

You will not have to wait long for the process to be complete and you will not have to contact the service for information. In the majority of cases, a check is completed within 48 hours of the phone call or email.

A fast turnaround helps to keep the hiring process on track and you will not have any delays to slow you down. This is especially important when you are hiring for specialist positions or for high-level management posts.

The Report Is Compiled And Sent To You

A full report will be compiled in a way that is simple for you to comprehend. You will be able to request both an online copy and one sent through the post if you desire.

Then you will be able to make a firm decision on the next course of action. The information can be kept on file for as long as you see fit.

There are several simple steps to a completed background check. Make sure that you understand the process fully before you hire a company to start vetting people.