How To Promote Your Web Design Vocation On Instagram

How To Promote Your Web Design Vocation On Instagram

Are you a web designer who is looking for the easiest and fastest way to market your web design career? Social Media is exactly where you need to be. Through social media, brands and organizations have been able to reach masses and make a name for themselves.

According to social media experts, the internet is really making brands, businesses and organizations move a step closer to living their dreams. At the moment, Instagram is proving to be a brilliant social media platform for brands and organizations to take pleasure in their social marketing efforts. Most popular websites are giving their fans a platform to air their views, comments, compliments and complaints about their products or the services.

Web designers often have a hard time trying to become popular. Fact is, nothing is as hard as trying to get a client especially when your name is not out there yet. As someone who is determined to become famous, treasured and respected in the industry, you must promote yourself. Contrary to what most people think, promoting yourself doesn’t have to be hectic or costly but rather simpler, effortless and fast. The trick is to let Instamacro, an automated autobot to get followers and likes for you then take over by;

  • Creating Unique Account Name: Now that you are interested in promoting your business on Instagram, it is obvious that you already have an Instagram Account. However, before you go ahead with the marketing process, ensure that your account name is unique because when you have an account name that is common among Instagram users, it might be detrimental to your success.

  • Having a killer profile picture: The online community is intrigued by color, creativity and uniqueness so ensure that your account name, your profile photo and your profile page match up to your expectations. Additionally, make sure that you integrate your Instagram account with your other social media accounts. This will help you generate traffic to your website.

  • Using trending Hashtags when uploading photos and video on Instagram: Remember that you are on Instagram to market your web design career. Therefore, when uploading images or video clips that are associated with your work, ensure that you use relevant hashtags. For example, #webdesign #website #design #logo e.t.c

  • Posting constantly : You are not limited to one post in a day. Ensure that you keep your followers constantly updated and informed about your business. By so doing, you will give them reason to tell their followers about you hence expanding your audience.  

    You are a web designer, so it is obvious that your followers expect nothing less but professional-looking designs. Therefore, before uploading pictures and video on Instagram, remember that good quality sells. Ensure that the features in your images and video clips are high quality. In addition to this, it is important that you ensure that your images and videos will be seen via mobile devices.

  • Lastly, following famous web designers: With Instagram as one of the best social media platforms, chances are that the movers and shakers in web design are also on Instagram. Follow the famous web designers or people within your industry that you look up to. This will help you learn more about your area of expertise as well as help you put your work out there for millions of people to see.

Author Bio: Khloe Davis is a professional writer and social media expert who has for years witnessed how Instamacro has helped Instagram users get famous on Instagram.