Impeccable Business Tools For Better Organization Of Your SMBs

Business organization is one of the most essential and often overlooked departments of small businesses. Times are rapidly changing, and these days there are countless applications and various sets of programs in the software marketplace that are built for streamlining, organizing and most importantly sorting out your company`s most vital processes. Some of these technology solutions may cost money, others may come for free, but it’s undoubtedly money well spent when it comes to being ahead of your most important competitors.

Various automation tools, project management tools and communication software such is Skype or, just to name a few, are just some of the available apps and programs for organization and more are being created on daily basis, but for the moment we will stick to the few cherry picked as the very best ones.

Complete Business Management Platforms

Among widely known business management solutions such as HubSpot, and Salesforce I would like to single out one of the main products of online company Zoho, called Zoho Projects as one of the best and most complete online business management platforms. It can help with project planning, coordinating, collaboration, tracking and many other things in order to get all aspects of your web projects easily covered. It also enables you to create reports, set milestones, track important website metrics – and best of all, its integration is really easy and the tool itself is relatively inexpensive. The paid version, which allows up to 20 projects is only about $25 a month.

Contact Management Tools

Contact management tools such as LockedOn or Act! are providing effective and effortless communication with your vendors, helping you to keep up with your business contacts, and can enable you to finish all your daily tasks easily. Both of these solutions even allow you to get insights about your business, and premium versions even have some good marketing automation features covered.

Website Monitoring

One of the last things that any organization needs is to lose their users or customers because the website was unreachable and no-one reported the issue. Solutions such as Datadog or Site 24×7 can prevent that from happening by monitoring your website. These tools can also monitor how well your website is performing and how many visits or events you’re getting, in graph and even sorting them out by location if needed.

Tools for Documenting and Managing Your Tasks

Todoist, Evernote, Simplenote, Wrike – make your pick. There are plenty task managing and note taking software solutions out there and they are all great for people who like everything to be documented and managed – from simple ensuring that they have all vital tasks well stored, to the coloring options for setting priority of individual tasks.

Tracking Performance

Whether looking for a way to just monitor progress, or to help build actual steps in order to improve the performance of your team – applying some of these tools is definitely a good place to start.

Namely, Work, or Silkroad are just some of the names associated with performance management.


Entire business cycle is dependent from proper finance tracking. It is therefore of utmost importance to keep track of your finances and stay in the line in order to avoid expensive and time-consuming issues along the way. Once you manage to setup a finance management app there will be no more confusion about the expenses or incomes, and with Moveo Expense Manager you will even be able to manage everything perfectly syncing it from your smartphone. You will keep track on where your money is coming from and manage your budget and data with ease.

Other Essential Tools

Whether having previous IT experience or not, some kind of diploma or a certificate will certainly be of help in managing your business processes. You can even think of your information technology degree as a reliable tool for better organization of your business. At the end of the day, you need to determine all your advantages and make the best out of them.