Some Tips On Winchester Safe You Can Use Today—Safer Than Safe

There are many tips as to how to keep your Winchester safe and one must know most of them, so it is no point on going on the rhetoric and let me tell you something new about Winchester safe online. Many gun manufacturers say a lot about security but there are burglars with even small tools that can open a Winchester safe.

Here are some more tips that can help you with your Winchester safe

  • Real safes have serious doors. The plate doors are made of thick sheet with other parts welded to the back of it. The door has a massive one inch thick plate of steel. The door itself weighs about one thousand pounds. Real safes should have tight door gaps if not any burglar can get enough leverage to open it. Higher safe ratings are given to gap specification. Construction of safe varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. As competition became tougher safe manufacturer came under pressure to add special features like making the outer door appear thicker. However steel is the most expensive part in a safe but adding more steel will only increase the cost of the safe.
  • The gun safe bolt work is designed in such a way to impress the buyer enough to get the credit card out. High security safes have only three moving locking bolts located on just one side. Any additional bolts that reduces the safety as it gives the burglar more options for going for the gun safe. Comparing a gun safe to a real safe in like comparing an air gun with a real gun. Safe burglary ratings are of two types. One is construction rating and the other is Test Performance ratings. Safe manufacturers are quite public about construction rating as it is explicit in the rating. For safes that are beyond construction rating the information is kept secret.
  • Does the weight of the safe make it safe from theft protection? Absolutely not. Many people say that the safe is so heavy that there is no need to bold it down. Well it would be like wearing a helmet and not putting the chin straps on. There is a saying that given enough time and the right tools there is no safe that cannot be broken into. It has been seen that people do not rob money from an ATM. They literally lift the ATM. The simple assumption is that if two or three people can get into your house then the same three can get out also. If they want to take the safe then all they have to do is to put a blanket on the floor and then just drag it out. Hence anchoring a gun safe is the best option. One then cannot saw, hack or hammer open a safe if it is anchored. The door of the gun safe weighs about thirty to fifty per cent of the total weight of the safe. Once the door is open all one needs is to tilt it over.
  • Gun safes are such that make the burglar think that there is something valuable inside. Making gun safe looking ominous will not deter the burglar. There are many people who buy a bottom level safe and feel that a smash and grab junkie will not be able to get through this. One can believe all that safe manufacturers say that their safe is a hundred per cent crack proof but in reality there is no such safe that is made that way. As mentioned earlier a little extra time and the right tools can break any safe.