The 4 Technology Penny Stocks To Watch Out For

The world of technology may have already reached your home, your local store, and even your car, but did you know that the tech-world has also reached the stock market? Technology certainly seems to be having a huge impact on the stock market daily.

The Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge and other similar challenges harness the power of technology to teach you how to find your way around the stock market, and ultimately profit from it.

But what are the tech-related penny stocks to look out for, and should you invest in them? we’re going to take a look at this now:

Sphere 3D Corp. (ANY)

Sphere 3D creates cloud based business solutions and has been doing business in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and throughout Europe. With a deep decline towards the end of 2016, the company looks to be heading in a good direction.

In addition to raising capital by selling some of its assets, Sphere 3D looks to be spending much of 2017 borrowing money in order to boost its potential.

The money is being lent by some large contracts who have yet to be named, but they promise to help the company grow so that it can regain its position on the stock market once more.

Arotech Corp. (ARTX)

Thought to have been a big part of some of the latest and greatest trends (Virtual reality, and drones), Arotech Corp creates simulations and technology for the military, in addition to offering missile and aircraft systems.

Although there has been very little revenue growth over the past year, the company has found that investors are still buying stock in the hope that there will be growth over the next few years.

Quantum Corp. (QTM)

Quantum Corp provides data protection and storage for businesses all over the globe. Trading at $0.95 per share, the corporation has had a bit of resistance, but revenues have risen well over the last year.

Operating income has also turned positive, and the 50-day moving average was impressively well above the 200-day moving average meaning the future looks bright for Quantum.

This is one of the tech sectors that is thought to be in for a very interesting and bright future, meaning if you want to buy shares in Quantum, now is the time.

Zix Corp. (ZIXI)

Zix Corp provides secure messaging systems, and the business prides itself on offering governmental organizations emails they can use without concern.

Sales have increased by an impressive 65% in the last 5 years, and this is just one of the reasons why it is not always found in the penny stock category. With increased revenues and share earnings in the positive, Zix Corp may well be the best penny stock to invest in.

There are many tech-related penny stock firms around, but the above 4 are the ones to watch. If you are considering investing in any or all of these firms, please see the latest market statistics for up to date figures.