The Top Secrets You Need To Know To Truly Utilise Google AdWords

The Top Secrets You Need To Know To Truly Utilise Google AdWords

Google AdWords may have proven its effectiveness, and this is why more and more business owners are utilising it for their businesses, so they can improve their online presence and give their websites a boost. But if you have your own Google AdWords campaign and would like to make sure that you are getting real value for your money, there are some things you can – and must – do. Do you want to truly utilise Google AdWords for your business? Here are the top secrets you need to know.

Select the proper keywords

When you are choosing keyword phrases or keywords, you may be tempted to add more than a few other words or phrases which are relevant or related to your enterprise, so you can drive more traffic to your website. But if you don’t have an inordinate amount to spend on your campaign, it’s best to be careful in your selection of keywords. Think carefully about the keywords you are using so you can be sure that they result in conversions. The key is to actually choose keywords which are more specific and not general. If you sell used cars, for instance, it’s better to use keyword phrases such as ‘used Toyotas for sale’ rather than a more general keyword phrase such as ‘used cars’ – the more specific keyword phrase will bring more serious customers to your site since it targets a specific type of customer rather than one who is just looking for information on used cars. 

Target your audience using geographical targeting, day targeting, and device targeting

With Google AdWords, you can effectively segment your audience or target market in different ways. One way is through geographical targeting, another is through day targeting, and the third way is through device targeting. With geographical targeting, you can target an audience in a specific place or location, such as a city, a region, a state, a country, etc. With device targeting, on the other hand, you can target an audience based on the devices they use, such as mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. Day targeting or parting means that you can adjust your keyword bidding between various days, and you can adjust your keywords based on the different hours of the day as well.

Optimise Google reporting

With Google AdWords, you can also take advantage of different reports which offer insights into your account and the potential problems it may have. For instance, with the Google AdWords ‘search terms report’, you can have a list of the various search queries which resulted in a showing of your ad. With this particular report, it will be easier for you to determine keywords which are irrelevant as well as keywords which might bear more fruit.