Things That We Should Bring to the Dorm Room

Many students wrongly assume that prestigious universities will provide them with plush dorm rooms. However, this can be a big mistake. In fact, many Ivy League colleges only have cramped, small dorms for their students. Due to the space shortage, it is not unusual to cram four freshmen in a single dorm room. If students prefer better accommodations, they should choose less popular, newer schools. In general, dorm rooms should have basic furnishing, such as shared dresser and multiple single beds. Students and their roommates should have one set of chair and desk each. For each student, there should be a 5 ft. by 10 ft space and multiplied by the number of students in the room. When arranging their dorm rooms, it is important not to bring too many items. It is important to bring only basic stuff, because many things like toiletries can be purchased in the local grocery or convenience stores. It would be very costly to send back excess stuff, because there’s not enough room in the dorm. In general, we should only bring some personal items and clothing.

Many universities allow students to purchase from nearby discount stores. However, before making a big purchase that could occupy some space in the dorm room, it is important to discuss this with the roommate. It is a better idea to purchase something that can be shared. There’s no point buying a mini-fridge only for one student. It would be inefficient to have four separate fridges in the dorm room. In general, these fridges should hold only a few food and cold drinks. Students are known for their affinity to gadgets, so it is preferable to bring some gadgets that they prefer. Earphones are essential when we love listening to music. Roommates could make an agreement not to play music loudly, especially if they have different music taste. Earbuds could really prevent plenty of arguments between roommates. Smartphones are also essential for students to contact their family and friends; as well as running some games and apps related to their education process. However, it is important for students to choose plans that are affordable.

Students won’t survive without a computer and it is preferable to choose a laptop, instead of an immobile desktop PC. It is important to purchase a laptop and operating system that are compatible with common peripherals in the area. Local computer sellers could provide students with specific discounts. Nearly all dorms provide high-speed Internet access through wireless network. Unfortunately, some dorm rooms could get poor coverage and it is a good idea for roommates to share the cost of WiFi repeater. It is a good idea to contact university’s technician to install and set up the device according to the university’s configurations.

Other things that we may have in the dorm are flip flops for shower, flashlight, waste bucket, bright desk lamps, plastic containers for toiletries and first aid kit. It is also important to consider fire safety and avoid purchasing items that could potentially cause fire hazards.