Ultimate Android Development Tips For Beginners

Ultimate Android Development Tips For Beginners

With the increasing adoption of Android-based smartphones and tablets in the market, Android-based smartphone apps are in constant demand. Development of android apps as a career is fast emerging as the preferred career skill for developers and for aspiring beginners.

At the same time, the smartphone app market is flooded with free android apps, with Google Play store itself containing thousands of apps. So, if you are planning to get into the field of Android development, how do you make sure that your Android app gets a great review and high download levels?

Listed below are a few tips on how to create Android apps for beginners:

Learn android programming step by step.

In short, there is no shortcut towards success in Android app development. If you are not comfortable with XML scripting, android programming may not work for you, as most of the Android UI is based on XML. Additionally, as most of the Android development work is done on the Eclipse IDE, make sure that you go through any of the Android development with Eclipse tutorials. Online tutorials, which provide developers with an introduction to Android development, along with APK Development tutorials, are a must-read for aspiring Android developers.

Follow the Google design guidelines for Android.

Every Android app developer must be familiar with the Android guidelines, prepared by Google. These guidelines are critical to offer a consistent look in all Android apps, along with better understanding of the apps by the Android user.

Listen to feedback from your users.

You can get user input for your app by going through app reviews or creating a Google Plus community page for your app. Users will be more prone to using your app, if you take their feedback more seriously.

Be an active Android user.

Surprisingly, many Android developers don’t themselves use Android devices. Not only should you be an active Android user, be an active member of the vibrant Android community, where you can connect and learn with other Android users and developers.

Optimize the speed of your app.

Mobile apps, that occupy too much space or have slow performance, are despised by all Android users. Optimize the size of your Android app, and improve its speed by avoiding allocation of unnecessary objects and variables in your app.

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