Distance Education

Distance Education

Distance learning is the trend in a rapidly developing India with millions of qualified professionals and students looking to build their career path. Adding to its appeal is the fact that individuals can get quality education from a university of their choice at a price that is a fraction of a full-time course of the same kind. Especially useful for working professionals who don’t have to quit their jobs to pursue a higher degree which promises higher positions and pay scale, and students who like to earn while they learn. With a total of 119 universities in the country offering distance learning courses, there are plenty of opportunities for students.

Chennai being a hub for engineers and tech companies also features universities that offer distance education programs to students all across the country. Some of the most popular course for distance education in Chennai being MBA, M.Tech, BCA, MCA and many other professional development courses that are highly beneficial for students that take them up. MBA programs from institutions such as the Pondicherry University are extensive and provide comprehensive training online to applicants with the use of modern media. At the end students come to possess professionally applicable skill sets and a degree that is just as valid as a full time course.

An MBA provides a holistic perspective on the business environment and prepares students to perform up to the global standards.  A must-have degree for anybody dreaming of challenging job profiles and holding leadership and managerial roles an MBA is the first step in any form of career growth. In the long run, MBA gives you a tremendous opportunity for networking and building strategic relations with important people in different organisations. Not to mention, having an MBA also gives you a higher salary and better job positions.

Mumbai being one of the nodal cities of the world is a melting pot of cultures and businesses. A distance MBA in Mumbai can open up a plethora of opportunities for career development. Professionals can benefit from online studies while they keep their jobs and aim for career development. Not having to attend regular colleges gives them the benefit of study at their chosen time and study as and when they please. With a number of universities offering distance education programs in Mumbai, anybody can benefit from the opportunities and have a career they have always aspired to reach to.

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