Web Design Trends That Are Not Going Away Soon

Web design is always changing and this is what brings out the beauty of this world. All the attractive and responsive websites you see today are all based on these changes. There is a lot of innovation but imitation always takes the day. We all jump in to the latest web design trends and use them until they no longer work and then start looking for the new big thing in town. Most of these short lived web design trends are micro trends. Well, it is time to look at the bigger picture and here are some of the trends that are here to stay.

AI – The Artificial Intelligence Factor

It is important to know how the user is interacting with a website through phone, tablets and PCs. Because it might be a difficult task to keep up with the user’s behaviors, the only solution is the use of artificial intelligence. This comes in different ways including Smart Replay on Gmail, The Grid, Facebook M among many others. There are others that are aimed at automating the web and the outcome is a better analysis of the user’s patterns to enable the creation of solutions and offers that are customized for that particular users.

Professional Web designers will go to great lengths to ensure that your website is serving its purpose and this includes finding out what your target users are doing and different times. In simple terms, this trend basically puts an automated customer service similar to a real representative on your site.

The Diversity

Web design has been a victim of imitation and most designers engage in methods that are not original. The need to achieve responsiveness, result oriented templates, and attractive looks has resulted in the similar designs you see on sites in the same niche. Though there are clients who come with the notion that their website has to be similar to another website in their industry, there is no rule that says that a design must take a certain direction to achieve set goals.

Most available designs are geared towards a friendly experiment for the users and this simply means that you do not have to go miles out of the box to get something different. The web design for your website should have a basic foundation and the designer just needs to customize all aspects to give your target users a smooth experience. The only thing you need to ensure is constant is usability.

Rich Illustrations

Conventional websites have largely used photography to present information. There is a new trend in town and this is the use of hand-drawn art. This form of art and information representation is warm and the originality it provides is difficult to achieve with the traditional photography. The inclusion of hand-drawn art is the new way brands are achieving what was unachievable and still remaining relevant in their industry. Make sure you have your web designed by expert web designers who will incorporate this art into your website.

Mobile First

Though still young, the mobile-first design is about to be a big thing and will surpass the wearables in the near future. The fact that these technologies have been embraced by users means that you should have them in mind when thinking about designing a website. You should therefore work with designers who will incorporate the small screens in a creative way.

Micro Interactions

With the advances in technology, information from the World Wide Web is becoming more accessible through different platforms such as phones, TVs, watches and related devices. The design should ensure that the micro interactions are not a hindrance to the user.  The process should have four steps which are the trigger including actions like the “read more” buttons and notifications. The rule is the set of instructions governing the interaction or a form to be filled by the user. Feedback is the response to the action taken by the user and the loop is the length of the interactions and how many times the action is taken.


The main reason why you need to have your website designed by a professional web designer is to make it look attractive to the target audience. There is nothing that does the job better than animation. Animation has changed the way we look at websites and things are only going to get better. Animation is the most effective way to engage your customers and target audience through interesting ways of storytelling. This is a great method to make the website more interactive as opposed to the simplified information portal.

The other reason why you need to have your website designed by an expert is to ensure that your animation is reasonably attractive, informational and does not go overboard. This is because overdoing the animation and having things moving all over the website pages will greatly contribute to the distraction of your visitors. An experienced designer will keep the animation simple and present it in a narrative manner that will always be effective in delivering information and turning visitors into buyers of your services and products.

People are more attracted to visual representation than blocks of texts. This is why animation in web design is one of those trends that are here to stay. You only need to make sure that the animation clearly explains your services and products for better response.

These trends are important in keeping your website and business relevant in a crowded industry. That said, you need to pay attention to the first step which is to work with a reputable web design company.  An expert in web designing will give you the kind of results that will help you meet your business’ goals. This is the main reason why you need to be careful when selecting the company to work with. Always remember that your web design will only be as successful as the web design company working on your business website.

Author Bio: Derek Robinson is a Founder & CEO of Top Notch Dezigns, a fast-growing web design and development company. The latest design and development structure has inspired him to share the knowledge across the internet.