Where To Find The Best Serviced Offices In Malaysia

Where To Find The Best Serviced Offices In Malaysia

If you’re looking for a place where friendly business culture collides with vibrant customs and traditions, it could be time to pay a visit to Malaysia. This corner of Southeast Asia is a haven for entrepreneurs because the tax laws are accommodating and the economy is robust. In the last five years, tech companies, in particular, have gained a strong foothold here.

They are fond of the generous funding the government provides for foreign investors and the relatively low cost of labour and resources. It also helps that there are lots of real estate options available. At the moment, commercial property is very affordable. It’s also wonderfully diverse, with plenty of flexible leases and negotiable terms of use.

Keep reading to find out why serviced offices are the next big thing in Malaysia and where you can find one of your own.

Ilham Baru Tower, Jalan Binjai

With Servcorp serviced offices, you’re guaranteed a workspace with plenty of wow. Just check out the iconic Ilham Baru Tower, in central Kuala Lumpur. You’ll find one of the best serviced facilities in the country at the top of this incredible skyscraper.

Ilham Baru is the fifth tallest building in Malaysia, so it’s a great choice if you want an office with a majestic view. As it is home to a number of major brands and big national companies, securing a space here is a shortcut to prestige and investor interest.

Menara Citibank

Or, you could find a new home for your business at the Menara Citibank Tower. It is situated in close proximity to the world-famous Petronas Towers, so it’s obvious that this is a very important neighbourhood. Traditional long-term leases in this area can be very expensive.

Fortunately, serviced providers, like the one resident in Menara Citibank, are able to make the expense affordable. They do this by including the utilities needed to run a successful business, such as heating and lighting. There is just one monthly payment for a ‘ready to use’ office.

NU Tower 2, Jalan Tun Sambanthan

The Nu Tower 2 is home to some of the finest Grade-A office suites in Kuala Lumpur. It is a striking building too, rising high over the city skyline. This particular location boasts direct links to the newest and most exciting mall in the region.

It is also situated very close to the biggest transport centre in Malaysia, the Stesen Sentral. At this serviced facility, tenants can enjoy everything from hot-desking to conference rooms, high-speed internet, IT support, mailboxes, canteen services, and much more.

How to Register with a Serviced Provider

The process of registering is very simple. All you have to do is visit the office facility and present a piece of valid identification. After making an initial down payment, you’ll be considered a full member and given unrestricted access to the corporate suite.

The terms of use at a serviced office are very flexible. It’s common for tenants to pay for three months of use in the beginning, but this is not obligatory. You can sign an agreement that grants you less or more time. If circumstances change, there are no fees for early termination.

Why a Serviced Office Is Worth the Investment

The serviced office is growing in popularity with businesses of all shapes and sizes. All companies, no matter their industry, can benefit from a workspace with minimal overheads and downtime. There is no comparable option that includes utilities like this one does.

With a consolidated, ‘all in one’ package, it’s easier to manage expenses and make plans for the future. Certainly, if you’re planning an expansion into the Malaysian market or anywhere else in Southeast Asia, it is worth considering serviced solutions.